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Canine Caviar

Canine Caviar Special Needs - Chicken

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Canine Caviar Special Needs - Chicken

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Special Needs Alkaline Entrée is the first choice dog food for seniors, overweight or underweight dogs and those who need to support kidney, liver or pancreas function. In the US it is even included in the list of veterinary diets.
Wholemeal brown rice has a low glycemic index and has the lowest allergic potential of all cereals. It does not contain gluten, on the contrary it is a source of B vitamins, phosphorus, iron and fiber. It provokes a feeling of satiety and counteracts diarrhea and constipation.
Chicken meat, pure muscle in food quality from free range farms, without antibiotics and hormones, is the most digestible and useable animal protein after eggs. In addition, the monoprotein diet respects the natural model of eating the dog in nature, where the beast does not consume meat from several types of prey during the day.
Reduced fat and protein content while maintaining a high caloric value of the feed creates a condition where the dog's body does not go to starvation and burns more body fat, so the formula Special Needs, at a reduction of the diet by 10 to 25%, great for weight reduction.
Plant and herbal ingredients define the pH of the feed in the range of 7.6 - 8.0 (slightly alkaline), harmonize the function of internal organs, reduce oxidation processes and support detoxification mechanisms of the body:
• Flaxseed: a source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in optimal proportions, mucilages that improve digestive tract and antioxidant condition
• brown seaweed: helps cleanse and regenerate the body, is a source of vitamins and trace elements
• alfalfa: promotes detoxification, neutralizes acids, regulates kidney function, has anti-inflammatory effects and is a rich source of chlorophyll
The highest digestibility of feed is achieved by the addition of stable enzymes and metabolites of the fermentation culture Canine Caviar, which are involved in the digestion and absorption of nutrients contained and reduce the burden of the digestive tract of the pet.

  • balances the PH level, which is one of the most important factors that affect the balance and proper functioning of the dog's body
  • hypoallergenic, top quality meat without hormones, pesticides and antibiotics in human quality
  • water do not increase, reduces the risk of stomach torsion
  • Taurine is added in all recipes to improve heart function
  • high digestibility, the closest approach to natural diet

Ingredients: wholemeal brown rice 33%, dried chicken 30%, coconut, alfalfa dried, whole grain flaxseed, chicken fat 9% (preserved by tocopherols), coconut oil, brown seaweed sun-dried, dried fermentation product of Lactobacillus Acidophilus, sodium chloride, lecithin, fructooligosaccharides, fenugreek, peppermint, papaya, rosehip, yucca extract, anise oil, thyme oil.

Analytical constituents:crude protein 18.0%, crude oils and fats 9.0%, crude fiber 5.0%, humidity 8.0%, crude ash 4.5%, calcium 0.8%, phosphorus 0.6%, omega- 6 fatty acids 1.0%, omega-3 fatty acids 1.0%.

Nutritional additives: choline chloride 1400 mg / kg, taurine for healthy heart 1000 mg / kg, zinc proteinate 120 mg / kg, manganese proteinate 8 mg / kg, vitamin D3 1500 IU / kg, biotin 0.6 mg / kg, selenium (sodium selenite) 0.3 mg / kg, riboflavin (vitamin B2) 15 mg / kg, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1) 20 mg / kg, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) 10 mg / kg, vitamin B12 0.07 mg / kg, folic acid 4 mg / kg.

Metabolizable energy in 1 kg: 3575 kcal.

Daily ration:

Weight of the dog in kg

inactive dog  cup / day

active dog cup / day

highly active dog / puppies

cup / day

< 4.5

0.25 – 0.5

0.25 – 0.5

0.5 – 0.75

4.5 – 11

0.5 – 1

0.75 – 1.25

1 – 1.5

11 – 23

1 – 1.5

1.25 - 2

1.5 – 2.5

23 - 45

1.25 – 2.5

2 - 3.5

2.5 – 4

45 - 68

2.75 – 3.25

3.25 – 4.5

4 – 2.5

1 measuring cup = standard measuring cup 236 ml / 8 oz

The daily ration is indicative, always based on the individual needs of your dog.

Frequency of dosing: For best results, your dog should receive ½ daily rations in the morning and ½ doses in the evening.

Transition: Do not mix with existing feed. We recommend direct crossing to Canine Caviar. Important: give only ½ of the recommended dose on the first day.

Protein Rotation: We recommend alternating the flavors of Canine Caviar to give your dog different amino acids to maintain a healthy immune system. Always provide sufficient drinking water for feed.


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