A dog at a wedding! Do you know all the pros and cons?

A dog at a wedding! Do you know all the pros and cons?

Most of us want to spend our wedding day with our family and friends. And so we wonder whether to "hand over" the imaginary wedding invitation also to our four-legged best friend. If you are just planning a wedding, consider all the positives and negatives of spending your wedding day accompanied by your dog.

 Dog's point of view 

96_1_svatba.pngEvery dog is different, so it cannot be said with certainty that all dogs are trouble-free wedding guests. So try to put yourself in your dog's shoes and discover whether his personality fits in with your wedding program. Do you have a timid pet at home who is afraid of strangers? Then there's no point for him to be suffering among a hundred invited guests. Do you know that your dog is always begging at the tables and likes to jump on others? Admit it, the wedding guests won't be too happy about his bad habit. Does your dog listen to your word and can he relax even in a noisy environment? Add him to the wedding guest list! Be honest with yourself and think about whether your dog's temperament goes hand in hand with the character of the wedding. After all, none of us want a pet to be suffering, stressed or feel off-colour at the wedding. 

 Unbreakable rules 

When making your decision, remember to also consider whether dogs are allowed at the ceremony and wedding reception venue. For example, if you are getting married in a castle, it is very likely that your four-legged friend cannot be among the wedding guests. Conversely, dogs are welcome in many rustic farmhouses or barns. Ideally, talk to the owner of the property about the presence of a pet and introduce him to your buddy. 

 Focused on danger 

Even if we don't want to be crying wolf, it's definitely worth considering whether your chosen wedding venue is not in any way dangerous for the dog. Are you sure there are no poisonous plants outside, no hole in the fence or open pond for your dog to fall into? Similarly, think about whether the dog can reach, for example, the catering table, which will undoubtedly contain dangerous chocolate treats. And last but not least, consider whether there is anyone among the guests who might hurt the dog, even unintentionally. We are thinking of " pranksters" who might give the dog alcohol to taste. 

 Talk to your guests 

96_2_svatba.pngWe understand that you love your dog more than anything, but remember that there are people who don't share your positive view of dogs. Some have a panicky fear of dogs, others struggle with allergies to dog hair. And then there are those who simply don't like dogs. Either way, talk to your guests in advance and see if they will not mind the presence of a dog. This early conversation will help you avoid any potential problems at the wedding itself. 

 Think of yourself 

And last but not least, remember that your wedding day is all about you and your partner. It's a day that you should enjoy and savour to the very last sip. If you know that you would be constantly thinking about the present dog, stressing about whether he is okay, and turning your thoughts only to him, it might be better if he doesn't keep you company at the wedding. On the other hand, masters who know that the presence of their dog will calm them down and put a smile on their face can give their dog a wedding invitation right away. 

 "Substitute" master 

Have you decided that your dog must not be absent from the wedding? Then detailed planning is the key to success. Ideally, ask a close person to turn into a substitute master during the wedding day. It doesn't matter if you ask a sibling, a parent or one of the wedding guests, all that matters is that it is a person who is responsible and knows the dog well enough. This person will be responsible for the dog during the wedding and will make sure that nothing goes wrong. Of course, it is important that you discuss the role with the person and are 100% sure that the person is not bothered by the task.

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