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LickiMat Soother Tuff

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LickiMat Soother Tuff

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Joy, calming and fun play for all dogs. The LickiMat Tuff licking mat, filled with your dog's favourite healthy treats (canned food, pressed vegetables and fruit, white yoghurt, cottage cheese, Qchefs dental flakes with coconut oil,if you want to combine pleasant activity with perfect dental care) will entertain your pet, positively attract his attention, banish boredom, reduce any anxiety or interrupt unwanted behaviour.
We have chosen the Soother model, which allows perfect licking of all content on the mat.
The Tuff range with its frame is mechanically resistant and therefore reduces the risk of being chewed by the dog. Its practical advantages include the fact that it is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe, if you want to offer your dog a frozen treat to gently cool him down on hot days.
Of course, LickiMat is a perfect tool for cats and their gourmet tongues.

  • licking reduces anxiety (stimulates the production of endorphins) and contributes to the mental well-being of the dog even in situations that are unpleasant for him (homesickness, separation anxiety, thunderstorms, fireworks)

  • promotes dental and gum health through increased saliva production - your dog will have fresher breath

  • increased salivation also benefits digestion

  • facilitates crate/pen training

How to use LickiMat? Simply spread your dog's favourite treat with a spoon, spatula or table knife over as large an area of the mat as possible. Dog canned food, cottage cheese, yogurt, peanut butter (unsalted), baby food or soaked kibble are ideal. We recommend you to try LickiMat with Qchefs dental flakes mixed in coconut oil or white yogurt after the last meal of the day - slow licking will increase the time the flakes are in your pet's mouth, extending the duration of the natural milk peptides, which have antibacterial properties and inhibit the formation of plaque, which is what tartar is made of.

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