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Puffies healthy dental treats

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Puffies healthy dental treats

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Tasty and healthy treats for your happy dog. Made of cottage cheese, buckwheat (no grain), bioglycerin from coconut oil, virgin rapeseed oil and coconut oils.
Suitable for allergy sufferers. Puffed consistency for great chewing fun.
Fights bad breath, cleans teeth, neutralizes the mouth flora and remineralizes the enamel.

  • free of cereals
  • no lactose and additives
  • rich in vitamins and minerals

Ingredients: dairy products (30%), buckwheat, bio-glycerin, rapeseed and coconut oil.
Analytical data: protein 36.5%, ash 2.5%, fat 4.6%, fiber 6.8%. Fe 81 mg / kg, Zn 39 mg / kg, Mg 810 mg / kg, Ca: P 1.3: 1, the natural vitamin B source.


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