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Sabiflor for immunity and digestion, seasonal offer 21+3

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Sabiflor for immunity and digestion, seasonal offer 21+3

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Sabiflor, a Czech registered veterinary medicinal product, is intended to support the immune system of dogs. It is used for convalescence of acutely and chronically ill dogs, dogs after operations or to accelerate the regeneration of dogs under stress (for example, after sports). It contains nucleotides, prebiotics and amino acids lysine and tryptophan, necessary for the proper functioning of the body's immune processes.

SEASONAL OFFER: 21 sachets + 3 for free.

The mechanism of action of Sabiflor is twofold:

1) supplies the body with the nucleotides necessary for the formation of nuclei of newly formed cells

 - the largest amount of cells is formed by the organism during tissue regeneration, intestinal mucosa and hematopoiesis
 - intestinal mucosa and blood cells (including white blood cells and macrophages) are directly involved in the proper functioning of immunity
 - the consumption of nucleotides increases during the activation of immunity - during disease, healing or regeneration

2) supports the growth of healthy microflora in the intestines, which is necessary for the proper functioning of immunity (not only) in dogs
 - Frucooligosaccharides nourish "friendly" bacteria in the gut, which help with digestion (breakdown of nutrients from food) and prevent the colonization of the gut by pathogens.

The importance of nucleotides is already well described and they are therefore added to infant formulas, special diets for seniors and convalescents or top athletes. Normally, the body can make them itself from food, which is a complex and energy-intensive process, but their direct administration in food has been shown to have a beneficial effect during exercise.

Sabiflor helps dogs:

  • in convalescence after acute diseases, in chronic diseases and after surgical procedures
  • to make immunity work better
  • o better manage stressful situations (eg travel, regime changes) by supporting the proper colonization of the intestines with beneficial bacteria
  • in puppies after weaning

Administration: Sabiflor is a white, tasteless and odorless powder that dogs take well in their diets. We recommend pouring it on moist food.

Dosage: puppies up to six months ½ bag daily. Adult dogs and puppies from six months 1 bag per day.

Recommended serving time: three weeks (one pack contains 21 sachets of 3 g). As a precaution, we recommend administration after three months; in chronic patients, long-term administration is possible.

Composition of one sachet: fructooligosaccharides 1000 mg, nucleotide premix 300 mg, L-Lysine HCl 50 mg, L-Tryptophan 25 mg, additives: maltodextrin

Sabiflor is approved by ISKVBL under No. 060 / 20C. Sabiflor is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

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