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Tracking leash Convenience

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Tracking leash Convenience

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Much higher demands are placed on a tracking leash than on a classic leash that is used for daily walks. The CONVENIENCE tracking lead was developed for use in hunting and dog sports. It is available in different lengths and widths, which give the dog enough space for work, training or sports. Thanks to the loopless end cap, the Convenience is also ideal as a "pipe", as the risk of getting caught on a branch or other obstacle is minimal. The special material that was used in the production of this collection deserves special attention. The innovative polymer blend has good adhesion, is robust yet light and extremely easy to clean. The highly visible and washable material is resistant to weather and temperature, so water and dirt don't stand a chance. The practical Convenience polymer leash handles all situations perfectly.

  • tracking lead for dog sports and training
  • simple end without loop
  • minimal danger of getting caught in undergrowth
  • durable material in bold colors for better visibility
  • easily washable and antibacterial polymer

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