EPISODE 25 OF THE PACK PODCAST: Homeless dogs who found a home! You can be a temporary dog ​​owner or a partner for the rest of your life

In the 25th episode of the Smečka podcast , we had the honor of welcoming Andrea Černá from the organization Dočasky.cz , which deals with temporary care for dogs. In the interview, we learned that in 90% of cases, temporary care becomes a permanent home for dogs. We discussed how Dočasky works, the challenges of working with animals with problematic experiences and how the adoption process works.

We also learned that around 800 applicants responded to the call for temporary care within 48 hours. Andrea emphasized the importance of conscientiousness and preparation of people who want to take care of dogs temporarily, because each dog needs a specific approach and care. She also shared her experience with choosing suitable owners and how important it is for new owners to be well informed and prepared for the new four-legged members of their family.

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