Dog size chart

We have compiled basic information about different dog breeds for you.

If you want to get a dog, we bring you valuable information about typical and special characteristics of dogs, about the average height at the withers and the weight of different breeds. Does your dog need a new collar, leash or, for example, a new outfit? The overview of breeds and sizes below will help you better orient yourself and measure individual sizes - neck or trunk circumference, back length, etc. Have fun exploring!

A noble and proud breed, not very suitable for everyone. These dogs need to run, walks on a leash will not satisfy them. They are very fond of racing and although they are dependent on their family, they are usually quite measured.

Members of this breed are courageous, dominant and also devoted to their owners. They have great staying power. They are certainly not suitable for beginners: they require thorough training and a firm hand, but they are capable of learning and can become good family dogs.

Peaceful, friendly, self-confident, somewhat stubborn breed. In the company of other dogs, basset hounds are brave, strong and balanced.

A sociable dog that can be easily trained and that likes to play with children. This breed requires a lot of love, freedom of movement and long walks. The fine coat needs to be brushed daily.

A reliable dog with a heart of gold, which can easily be used as a working dog and which is an almost ideal family companion. These dogs with a strong character are also friendly with small children.

Wrongly referred to as a "fighting breed". The bull terrier is devoted and friendly to children, but due to improper upbringing, the bull terrier can become a dangerous "weapon". However, with appropriate and correct training, he will become a cheerful and nice family companion.

The smallest dog breed in the world! An intelligent dog that likes and willingly learns. This breed's need for movement can be satisfied in an apartment. In the company of other dogs, the Chihuahua often tries to hide its pettiness with a sharper demeanor.

The dachshund is the most widespread and popular breed, but it has a strongly rooted hunting origin. These energetic and somewhat stubborn dogs try to "test" their masters with cunning and funny tricks.

Thanks to their good sense of smell, intelligence and curiosity, these dogs are a great hunting breed. They are also suitable for sports activities and like to spend a lot of time in the wild.

Not only the golden "coat", but especially the golden heart makes retrievers an ideal breed for families with children. Thanks to their friendly and intelligent behavior, they are also good hunting dogs who love water.

One of the oldest German breeds, which has all the positive qualities of German shepherds with a very pleasant individual character and which can be easily trained for all purposes.

A very rare breed! A powerful, calm, gentle and self-confident dog, which with minimal training is also suitable as a family dog. His massive body requires enough activity to keep the wolfhound in good condition and happy.

These dogs, with their beautiful bushy tails and thick fur, were very fashionable around 1920. The Pomeranian is an ideal guard dog that has no mercy and barks at all strangers. An intelligent dog that likes to learn and needs a lot of human touch and attention.

Members of this breed, which apparently resemble lions, are lively, devoted, reliable, love children and do not require much exercise. Thanks to their intelligence, it is possible to train them as working dogs.

More than 2,000 years ago, this breed, which is lively, contented, playful and temperamental, was mostly bred by ladies. With proper and regular care, these dogs live to a great age.

A faithful and gentle soul who wants to be constantly busy. Thanks to its intelligence, this breed can be well trained for hunting. However, without the possibility of movement in the fresh air and freedom, these dogs will be unhappy.

Cheerful nature, mild temperament, non-conflicting, devoted and obedient - these qualities best describe the Newfoundland breed. These dogs are friendly to people and animals, they like to swim well, and thanks to their thick fur, they seem relatively powerful.

Dog of 1994! A typical terrier that is relatively easy to train. The Scottish Terrier is basically a hunting dog, but it is an ideal family dog ​​suitable for an apartment. Sensitive, alive and very intelligent.

This dog appears withdrawn and self-confident, but in fact has a sweet and playful nature. Apart from the coat, it does not require much care and attention and is very child-friendly.

A dog with a strong character, which bad training under inappropriate conditions can turn into an attack dog. With proper training, it is possible to make this breed a pleasant companion.

A racing dog that requires a lot of exercise. Very devoted, sensitive and at the same time warm-hearted, child-friendly and temperamental, suitable as a family dog.

The smallest breed of terrier, with all the characteristic qualities of terriers such as self-confidence, intelligence, enthusiasm for everything new and cheerful nature. He doesn't like being treated like an indoor dog.

The largest, but conflict-free terrier. This breed can not only function as a working dog, but can also be a great family companion. Terriers need a lot of exercise and caring for their coat is demanding, but a content Erdel is a dog that will win you over.

Borzoi were once used to ward off wolves! A very elegant breed whose members lose all their inhibitions once they are allowed to run long distances as fast as they like. With enough high-quality exercise, it is also suitable for families.

This breed has the reputation of being more of an explorer dog. By its nature, the beagle tends to be a good hunter, but thanks to its good qualities and intelligence, it can also be a pleasant family companion.

This typical helper of shepherds is increasingly found in households thanks to its alertness, trusting nature and enthusiasm for everything new. It is also not uncommon to see these dogs as circus stars.

A typical calm and considerate working dog, not suitable for inexperienced breeders, because it must be properly led and carefully fed. In addition to their impressive appearance, a typical feature of St. Bernards is their bravery and courage.

A typical terrier, not a pillow dog or a toy. He is intelligent, lively, confident, fearless and suitable for children. It is possible to train him for hunting. However, he can be disobedient with improper upbringing.

This breed differs from others primarily in its royal manners and usually prefers only one master or mistress. These dogs are calm and fearless and are therefore good guard dogs.

Careful, not to be confused with Lassie. Collies are an intelligent and quick-witted breed that likes to learn everything new. They fit well into a family and need a lot of affection and attention.

An elegant and smart dog, which is often relegated only to show due to its wonderful and unusual appearance. This breed can be trained very well and has all the characteristics of a good working dog.

The most widespread large German breed. Despite their somewhat similar appearance, these dogs represent a number of different canine personalities. Ideally, this is a very intelligent, reliable and courageous companion, which is also very suitable as a working dog.

A classic breed that sums up all the attractive features of terriers. The Fox Terrier can be trained to hunt and is also a funny and cheerful family companion. However, thorough training and consistency is always required.

A typical racing dog with the highest level of performance in this area. If his great need for running and exercise is satisfied, he can become a satisfied and devoted family companion even with minimal training.

Incredibly gentle and cultured dog. This breed is easy to train due to its intelligent nature, but will not tolerate a harsh tone of voice or harsh handling. A happy companion who likes to run and can also be trained as a hunting dog.

An intelligent dog that is characterized by good-heartedness. A typical working dog that is used for hunting, tracking, rescue operations and as a blind dog and is also a suitable family companion. Labrador retrievers love water.

A friendly and very self-confident breed, surprisingly wary and distrustful of strangers. Their lush fur requires a lot of care and attention. Lhasa Apso's need a lot of grooming to keep them from becoming "grumpy and annoying".

The most powerful dog breed. It is ideal when their weight is average and does not reach the highest possible value! The Mastiff is kind-hearted and devoted to the family, it creates an intimidating impression on strangers only due to its enormous size.

In addition to being a great hunting dog, the large Münsterland setter is also a good house companion if given enough freedom and exercise. In principle, this breed is friendly to everyone, but if necessary, it is also a great guard dog.

An ancient Chinese race that served as a substitute for lions in imperial palaces! The Pekingese Palace Hound is proud, regal and very alert and loves small children. He is not spoiled or spoiled, but requires a lot of care and attention.

This smaller version of the collie is a very devoted family dog ​​that is lively and intelligent and needs lots of exercise. Even though it has a relatively long coat, the care and maintenance of this breed is simple.

A friendly dog ​​that should not be raised alone. It is not a guard dog, it is not aggressive towards people. Husky, originally a sled dog, loves activity and movement.

In fact, it is a white kernterrier that has the same characteristics, but which is wrongly considered an indoor dog. Westies were very fashionable for a while, but fortunately they have withstood this period quite well.

The Wolf Spitz is above all loyal, devoted to his family and very distrustful of strangers. A guard dog that cannot be "bribed" and that likes to bark very much, which can be annoying.

The smallest Pomeranian breed, but not a toy. It faithfully guards the house and its owner. He likes to bark, which can be quite annoying. He loves walks, likes to run and doesn't require too much space.