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We love dogs

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What is our goal?

Our general policy
Quality is decisive for us. Our commitment to quality does not only extend to our products. We want to bring joy to people and animals and visibly express their deep bond. Our understanding of quality also determines the way we communicate between people, which is shaped by reliability, loyalty, partnership and responsibility. You can rely on all of us who work for Hunter as much as you can rely on our products. Always and under all circumstances.
We go into the detail
The customer will not find anything with us that we have not previously examined in detail. The details ensure that the products meet our strict standards and we can see that someone has thought about them. Then we know that the product is high quality and safe enough for dog owners to start using it. However, the details also concern the style. We understand that people want to match their dogs, so they can choose from us accessories in a number of designs and colors.
For people who love animals like us
We are a small, almost family-run business and share the same values ​​as our customers. We surround ourselves with dogs in our personal lives and can understand their problems and joys. We are always happy to talk to customers and are close to them when they have any questions. We don't want to serve the masses, we prefer to focus on people who agree with our ideas and can establish a more personal relationship with them.
Every dog ​​is unique
No "for small and large dogs" or "made for terriers". With us, it's always only Max, Alík, Bella and Cindy. Each dog simply has its own needs and tastes, and that's why we offer everyone what suits them directly and only.
We are available to every owner and we are happy to interview him in order to find the ideal food and supplements for his dog.