Maybe you've experienced it too: you come home from work and your apartment is full of chaos. A torn pillow, a gnawed chair from the table, chewed shoes, a torn bookcase. And in the middle of the ransacked household lies your furry darling, looking completely innocent. What now?

First of all, don't punish your dog. It's not worth it. The dog does not associate the punishment with the activity it did three hours ago (in the meantime, it slept in the bed, went to sniff the basket, watched the cat from the window, went to lie down on the couch, which it is not allowed to, etc.). The expression the dog put on when we arrived home is mistaken by us humans for guilt. In fact, it is about calming signal . The dog perceives that something is happening, that the owner is probably angry, so he starts wagging his tail, making dog eyes at us, crouching and the like. It is a behavior with which the dog calms its surroundings. And he often knows very well what works best for whom. In short, when you arrive home and a bitten chair is waiting for you, leave the dog alone and go to the balcony to take a breather. You can't do anything with this chair, but next time focus on prevention .


There are several reasons why a dog might jump on furniture or even on shoes. Maybe your puppy is teething and has itchy gums. The dog may be bored, stressed or have too much energy. Try to find out what the cause is in your home. And try to prevent other unpleasant situations as much as possible. How?


After a long night of sleep, your young dog probably doesn't have enough to go around the block or run out into the garden for a while. Give your dog the morning as well sufficient time for walking . And don't forget that you don't have to run five kilometers with your dog to tire him out. It will still be enough if you leave it properly sniff your surroundings . Stop with him at every corner and tuft of grass and let him discharge through his nose.



Do not give the dog the opportunity to play on the furniture. Prepare him to lie down in a room where he has nothing to destroy. Hide the furniture or shoes that attract him so much. In short, don't let him continue biting. With each repetition of an activity, dogs (just like us humans) consolidate their habits.


Wave your hand over the mess and get the dog toys that he enjoys . This point is especially important for teething puppy owners. Just make sure that the toys are safe and that the dog can chew them even without supervision. Place toys in the dog's path and let him discover permitted temptations. You can also use toys that can be filled with treats, so the dog has to engage its head when conquering them. For example, from a Kong filled with canned dog food, your canine partner will thank you with enthusiasm. In the summer, you can try the frozen version and prepare a fun dog ice cream for your pet.

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