There are times in the owner's life when she would like nothing more than to be her own dog. These are exactly the moments when the thought is most likely to occur to you.

Because he doesn't have to get up for work

The mood when waking up has practically only two levels, which are, however, diametrically different from each other. When you don't have to and when you have to. With the first option, you enjoy slowly rolling over in the blankets, while with the second option, when you close the door and leave for work, you watch your dog enviously and think only of how much you would like to trade things with him.

Because they don't have to worry about what they will wear

They look fantastic in everything! Whether it's a t-shirt, sweater or jacket . She always gets compliments for her outfit.



Because they can roll in a plush bed

Show. Daily. Oh no. What to say. Just envy!


Stroking this bed is like diving into clouds.

Because they can wear things that light up without anyone thinking they escaped from a techno party

Let's face it, we too like to wear flashing things just for the heck of it. But we shy away from drawing attention to ourselves. Whereas a dog can run around outside with a light-up collar and no one will even think that it is going crazy.


No one will miss your dog with this collar.

Because they don't care what other people think

He defecates in the middle of the sidewalk in total calm as crowds of people stream past you. They don't have a problem with the fact that they have put on a little weight for the winter and don't care why the neighbor should be bothered by their barking at night. In short, dogs don't give a damn what's on everyone's mind. And we should do the same sometimes. Just don't deal with it.

Let's talk about little things less and enjoy every day more with our dog. Beloved.

With love


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