With proper training, you will ensure that the dog will be a nice companion for you that you can trust and that will accompany you on your journeys through life with joy. We bring you the basic rules to follow during training.

Rule #1: Start now

If you have the opportunity to raise your dog from an early puppy age, do not delay and from 2 months start getting used to a name, to walking on a leash, to a home environment where he can feel safe, but where it is necessary to observe order, even to street noise (barking, banging, strangers).


Rule #2: Advanced Commands

In the third month of age, start with commands like "You mustn't!", "Yuck!" and "Sit!". In the next month, supplement the basic commands with fetch, the command "Stay!" and walking on your feet. First with a leash and from five months even without a leash. You can continue with the search for objects and the habit of water .

Rule #3: Rewards

During the first six months of a puppy's life, you have time to teach him basic commands that he will remember for the rest of his life. Be patient and praise the dog appropriately for each accomplished task. Treats are also a great reward for dogs. Just be careful not to overfeed the dog at this stage.

Rule #4: Play time

Do not train from morning to night. Allow the dog moments when he can just be crazy and frolic . That's the best thing about puppyhood.


Rule #5:

Always remember that a dog is a living being that has basic biological needs such as thirst, hunger, cold or heat, so be very patient and reward rather than punish. And if the dog does something wrong, first look for the fault in yourself.


You are the pack leader for your dog, so you should be the one he looks up to and respects, not the one he fears. Love your dogs and show them often. Such a master, such a dog.

With love


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