The sentimental time of Christmas tempts us to succumb to rash impulses. One of them is the spontaneous acquisition of a dog. But such a dog is a commitment for 10-15 years, so you need to think carefully about the decision. Are you ready for a dog? Answer these 6 questions honestly.

Why do I even want a dog?

Because you like company and you like to take care of someone. You want your children to develop a positive relationship with animals and you know that living with a pet supports their mental and value development. You definitely shouldn't get a dog because it fits in your big garden, because the puppy is really cute, or because it's a child's birthday.

Do I mind the time commitment?

You have to get up in the morning and go for a walk, you have to take him with you on weekends and holidays, the family has to be able to agree on who will go out with the dog in the evening. Do not get a dog if you do not know specifically how you will organize your activities in time and rely on the fact that "he will find someone who will come with him." Be clear about your plans for the future and think about whether they will be pay conditions for dog care.


Do I know how we will live together?

The place where the dog will stay will also depend on the breed of the dog. If you are getting a larger breed for the garden for guarding, have an insulated shed ready. Smaller breeds for the apartment should be trouble-free, so as not to destroy furniture, non-conflicting, to get along with dogs in the park, not to bark loudly and not disturb the neighbors.

Is everyone in the family in favor?

The whole family should be happy about the new member and agree that they will help with upbringing. If you are getting a dog only for yourself, it will not work and there will be arguments at home.


What breed do I want?

Forget trendy breeds. We have had waves of Shar Pei, Labradors, Hungarian Hounds, Bulldogs, Jack Russells... Keep in mind that such trends are harmful , because the mother dogs of the given breed will fall victim to breeding farms to meet the demand. And not only bitches suffer, but also their offspring, often carriers of genetically determined diseases and with compromised health due to the unsatisfactory conditions in which they were born.
I live in an apartment - I want a small breed. I don't have much time to train him and I live in the city - I will choose a non-conflicting and peaceful breed. I want a dog for the family - he needs to be trained so that he does not harm children. I want a guard dog - I am willing to devote a lot of time to training, the dog must obey my word. The character of some breeds may not be compatible with yours and your lifestyle. Learn as much as you can about their nature.

Do I have money for a dog?

Veterinary care can be very expensive. In addition to money for the purchase of basic equipment , quality feed, vaccinations and similar expenses, have a financial cushion ready for an unexpected operation, for example.


Are you ready for a new family member?


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