A cat is not a dog! Nevertheless, you can make her friends with your dog

Have you been flirting with the idea of ​​getting a sibling, erm cat, for your canine lover for a long time? Or, on the contrary, do you live in a purely cat household that you want to revive with dog energy? Either way, you are currently faced with a difficult challenge - to befriend two creatures who do not care about each other's friendship at all.

Let's remember the book About the Dog and the Cat. True, this couple did not even cook a cake together, but the dog and the cat proved that they can live together under the same roof even without major disagreements. Be inspired by Josef Čapek's fairy-tale characters and teach the cat and the dog to be friends with each other. And believe that if you arm yourself with patience, do not insist on your animal pets and can listen to both, then your mission will be successful.


What would you do if a stranger came into your apartment and didn't leave? Would he happily sleep in your bed, eat your food and be friends with your partner? We're guessing you wouldn't be happy. And believe me, a cat or a dog who has to cope with a new roommate can also experience similar feelings. This is also why it pays to get to know each other step by step and with humility. Remember that the cat is very territorial , and therefore the dog v keep away from the territory for the first few days , which the cat dominates (e.g. her bed or other favorite place to sleep). If your home by now the dog ruled , then him prepare for a new cat smell . Carefully introduce the cat to the dog, but in no case is it do not leave unattended in the first days .


It is quite common that the dog chases the cat around the apartment thinking it is a game, while the cat understands the whole situation as being chased by a predator. Logically, the cat is afraid, and as part of the fight, it pulls out its most effective weapon - its claws! But this merciless fight does not have to happen at all. If you doggy he listens to the word a perceives basic commands , then you have almost won . As soon as the dog starts chasing the cat, immediately say the command. This lets the dog know that you don't want him to chase his new roommate. Unfortunately, cats are not the best students, so you can hardly control them with a command. Nevertheless, it is true that most cats are rather nervous about dogs , and therefore prefer a safe place to a dangerous fight.



Each of us needs a place where we feel safe. And it's no different for dogs and cats. Think about it and prepare for each pet a special place that it will be reserved only for his needs . While your cat will appreciate, for example, a raised house, your dog will be happy without himself from a place that will be inaccessible to the cat. You should also approach their food bowls in the same way. It is definitely not desirable for a cat and a dog to "share" the same bowl of water, on the contrary it is very important that each of the pets he had his own "dining corner" into which the other would not fit.


Jealousy is definitely not just a human domain. That is also why it is good if you pay attention to both pets the same amount of attention . Thanks to this, you avoid jealous "scenes" and unnecessary attacks. And finally be patient . It takes days, weeks and sometimes long months for a dog and a cat to become friends. But if you approach the whole process positively, you will avoid any penalties and you give the dog and the cat enough space, then they will certainly find a common, and dare we say friendly, language.

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