Colds do not choose, so they can knock down not only you, but also your canine lover. What to do if your dog has a runny nose, cough or high temperature?

Find out what the dog is struggling with

Did you forget to dress your dog in winter clothes before a long walk? Or did you unexpectedly get wet outside? Either way, your pooch may have caught a cold and is currently suffering from a virus. The good news is that most of the time, the canine virus has a mild course and is accompanied by a mild cough. But if you see (or hear) that the cough is not getting better, you should find a veterinarian who will examine the dog. In the same way, a dog can suffer from canine influenza, which is of a viral nature. In addition to a cough, dog flu is also accompanied by a loss of appetite, a runny nose or an elevated temperature. Although it is true that dog flu usually has a mild course, do not underestimate it. You won't lose anything by visiting the vet, who will examine the dog and possibly prescribe appropriate medication.

What to do when the dog is sick?

It also applies to dogs that they have to "bed off" the disease. So if you have a four-legged marauder at home, give him plenty of rest. Forget about long outdoor walks and prefer to prescribe lying down at home. In any case, give your dog only the medicine prescribed by the veterinarian. You can also focus on a suitable diet. Sick dogs who have no appetite will surely appreciate it when they discover, for example, canned dog food in their bowl with a stronger smell. They will also be pleased with a tasty treat. Believe that if you follow the rest regime, the dog will soon be fit.

Focused on canine immunity

Many owners forget about strengthening the dog's immunity. At the same time, there is nothing easier than adopting a few simple steps, thanks to which you can prevent dog diseases. First of all, look at the composition of the granules and check whether they are really of high quality and contain everything they have in terms of nutrition. You can also buy your dog a food supplement to support the immune system. This is especially true when you have a senior dog or a chronically ill dog at home. As mentioned above, winter clothes will also come in handy to protect the dog from unpleasant outdoor temperatures. And last but not least, don't forget regular deworming, as parasites reduce the body's defenses.

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