There's nothing like the feeling of adding a new member to your family. And since we also consider four-legged pets as full members of the family, let's take a look at how to prepare them a home in which they will be happy.


The feeling of safety in the first place

Keep in mind that coming to a new home can be stressful for a puppy. For the first time in his life, he is separated from his mother and his siblings. It is therefore a good idea to give your pet clear "clues" from day one where he will feel safe. Such a basic element is a bed. A sanctuary where he can retreat to rest after a challenging exploration of the new world. In the first days, we recommend putting a piece of cloth from the puppy's mother in the bed, which will give your new pet a sense of security and teach him to get used to where his safe place is, to which he can return. Try to respect that the bed belongs to the puppy and the members of the household respect it and do not interfere with it.
When choosing a bed, design does not play a role. Of course, you want it to fit into your interior, but functional elements are important. Especially with puppies, where an accident cannot be ruled out, it is invaluable if the bed has an antibacterial and impermeable finish. Look for BionicFinish and SilverPlus technologies, our customers have great experiences with them.
The second point of reference is the area where the dog can eat and drink. Ideally, choose litter boxes with a mat that prevents the puppy from scratching and spreading water or food around the apartment. From a practical point of view, it has also proven to have a separate bowl for food and a separate bowl for drinking.

Basic hygiene or what you must not forget

Since the puppy is not allowed outside until the second vaccination (more careful veterinarians recommend until the third), you also need to think about the fact that he has to defecate somewhere. Hygienic pads, aka dog diapers, will thus be an essential part of your equipment. Even when you start going out with your dog, keep some diapers in reserve. Up to six months, dogs do not fully control their sphincters, so an accident here and there cannot be ruled out, and it is good to always have a place at home where they can possibly "bounce".
We will stay with hygiene. Since the puppy is playful and once he starts exploring the world, he will want to experience everything "for himself", you can be sure that he will roll in really anything. And despite the fact that it is better not to bathe dogs until they are six months old, sometimes it is really necessary, and then it is good to have a really gentle shampoo on hand designed specifically for puppies.

Discovering the world out there

You definitely need to be equipped even for your first walks, so a leash and puppy collars or a collar should not be missing from your equipment. For a puppy, we recommend cross-breeds, the dog is more "manageable", it doesn't slip out and when you walk you don't pull it by the neck and thus don't stress the developing fragile cervical spine and breathing tube. If you prefer a collar, choose the widest possible, made of soft material and adjustable within a reasonable range - after all, the puppy grows very quickly.


…and will he have a place to play?

Think ahead and have fun. The dog is discovering the world and wants to play. It is clear that the puppy will entertain itself and see toys in anything. But if you don't want your shoes or furniture to end up as toys, it's worth buying dog toys.
If only because, in addition to entertainment, it also fulfills its function. Chewing toys are important for teeth , puppies change their teeth soon and need to massage their sensitive gums. Interactive toys, on the other hand, help develop skills and keep the dog busy for a longer period of time.

Even a puppy has to get energy somewhere

A puppy is usually one big bundle of unbridled energy. However, he must somehow compensate for his large energy expenditure and still have enough left over for proper growth, so it is important to also think about quality, nutritious feed .
In the first days, we recommend taking some feed from the breeder, start feeding with that and gradually add your preferred feed. The digestive system will thus have time to acclimatize and get used to the new food composition. This process usually takes around 10 days.
When choosing food, you will come across many different options, in our offer you will find all-life-stages food , which with their composition meet even the demanding standards for puppy food. Many also contain chondroprotectants, which are fundamentally involved in the proper development of joints and tendons. In addition, all the meat used is from high-quality British free-range farms . For puppies, the "small breed" formula is ideal, small flat granules that are well eaten.

Now you know what you should have ready at home and you just have to do one thing. Decide to get a new partner and friend. You certainly won't regret it.


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