Summer is the time when dogs most often experience major or minor skin diseases - hotspots, inflammation of the skin folds or between the toes, scratching and the like. This is due to the higher amount of allergens and external agents to which the dog's skin is exposed.

Pollen, the simultaneous effect of humidity and heat, stinging insects and grass parasites, stress factors during travel, mechanical irritation from sand or gravel on the beach, exposure of the skin to salt water, allergies to any of the food components, all of this can affect the condition of the dog's skin.


A five-year-old bulldog, Augustín, is also a member of the WE LOVE DOGS team, who, as is often the case with members of his breed, fights the mentioned problems in one piece.
We want to share with you his experience with ARAVA natural products. It was Augustín who was the first tester when we were considering whether to include this Israeli herbal cosmetics in our assortment.

Shampoos, gel and wipes with chlorhexidine, ointment with zinc and anti-fungal preparations were permanently at Augustin's place to take care of his paws, wrinkles on his muzzle and under his eyes, claws torn under his armpits and small wounds that he earned through his persistent chivalry while courting females, already since his childhood.

His most recurring problem was an itchy middle finger that he kept licking and inflammation between the wrinkles under the eyes .
Since we had really tried everything in the course of his life and there was nothing to lose, we decided to deploy mud from the Dead Sea with herbal essential oils from ARAVA . In addition to mineral mud, for which people from all over the world travel to Israel, it contains oils from tea tree, chamomile, yarrow, sage and other herbs.

And the results really convinced us that between classic pharmacotherapy and nonsense advice from old ladies on Facebook, there really is room for treatment that is based on the principles of rational use of natural substances and herbs with their proven effects.

With the eye area treated with dark gray mud (we applied it twice a day), Augustín did resemble a raccoon after a night of overindulgence, but already the next day it was noticeable that the originally reddened and steamed skin was drying and healing . And within five days, you wouldn't know that Augustín had a problem. The application was not unpleasant - thanks to the contained oils, the mud is soft and easy to spread like a cream .

We also painted the middle fingers twice a day and to avoid a) mud licking and b) gray stains on the floor, we bandaged the paw with a light cotton bandage so that she can breathe. After applying it before going to bed, the bandage stayed in place until the morning, for about an hour during the day, depending on what the "patient" decided to do. Within a week, the problem was over and the squealing sounds and grunts with which Augustín accompanied paw licking stopped disturbing the peace of our evenings.

If your pet is also angry petty skin problems, we can't help but recommend mud from Arava. But be careful: keep in mind that caution is never too much and if your dog shows symptoms that you have no experience with, the first step is to consult a veterinarian who will decide on the most appropriate treatment.

Your ♥ WE LOVE DOGS HUNTER & Augustine


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