Rules of behavior in the dog park

Do you live in an apartment or house with a small garden and are you looking for a place where your four-legged friend can play? There's nothing left to do but head out to the dog park together and enjoy an afternoon of frolicking and fun.

Every dog ​​needs a sufficient amount of exercise for a happy life. Everyday walks in the city, free movement in the forest or a few laps around the block will delight your four-legged friend, and at the same time, will tire him out in a healthy way. But if you want to make your walking routine special, go together to a place where your dog will feel like in paradise . Yes, we are talking about the dog playground! While it might seem like a dog park is a place without rules, the opposite is true. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the most basic rules and tips, thanks to which your visit to the dog park will take place without inconvenience and unnecessary problems.



You have at home a small puppy with whom you want to go to the dog park as soon as possible? Then wait until will be properly vaccinated . Also for adult dogs, only vaccinated dogs are allowed to enter the dog playground, which ideally are also dewormed and protected against parasites and fleas. Even if no one checks at the entrance vaccination certificate , we believe that dog owners are considerate and will not allow their dog to infect or endanger another dog. It is also true that you should not go to the dog park with a female dog in heat or a sick dog.


Every dog ​​owner knows (or at least has an inkling) what to expect from their canine lover. If you have an aggressive dog at home, or an unsocialized dog, then it is not responsible to go to the dog park. On the other hand, in the dog park you would they should not take their eyes off even a trained and reliable dog . You never know what can happen, so it's good to be on the lookout and intervene if necessary. You should also have a leash at hand, thanks to which you can coax an unpleasant situation.


Currently, many dog ​​playgrounds are being created that meet global standards and are excellently secured. Nevertheless, it pays to check whether the playground is really safe before letting your dog out. In addition to the broken fence, keep an eye out for debris treats after strange dogs or the condition of wooden obstacles. Unfortunately, some dog parks become home to drug addicts or the homeless, so look around for syringes or cigarettes. If you get the impression that the dog park is not a safe place, it is better to leave with your dog. It's not worth taking unnecessary risks.



Dogs are not allowed on the children's playground, and children are not allowed on the dog playground. This is a simple safety rule that we should all respect. Although many dogs love children, there are dogs that are nervous, fearful or more aggressive around children. At the same time, it can happen that the dogs bump into the child during play or otherwise injure him.


Unfortunately, there are owners who perceive the dog playground as a toilet that does not need to be cleaned. But the truth remains that in order for the dog playground to be a healthy place for both humans and dogs, there is nothing left to do but to bend down and pick up excrement after your dog. We'd love to set this rule in stone!


Each of us has a different motivation for visiting the dog park. Some people want to treat their dog to casual fun, for others it is a place where they train obedience or sports together. So pay attention to your surroundings and, if necessary, do not disturb the ladies who use the dog playground for training.

And the golden rule at the end! Feel your dog and listen to his needs. If you get the impression that your dog is not happy in the dog playground, is afraid of other dogs and does not feel comfortable, then do not push the saw unnecessarily. You can train going to the dog park and socialization, and you can also find other fun activities together that will make your dog really happy.

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