With the dog under the tent. What to prepare for?

Hello summer, hooray for nature! Are you also looking forward to pitching a tent again and enjoying an evening under the starry sky? If you've decided to have your four-legged companion assist you with this this year, check out the following recommendations to help save you the hassle of traveling.



It sounds like an unnecessary delay, but if you are heading under the tent with your dog for the first time, be sure not to skip this stage. A rustling tent permeated with strange smells can frighten some canine distrustful and fearful people. Therefore, unpack the tent before the trip. Hide treats in it and let your dog get used to this space in peace . If you have the opportunity, try a practice night in the garden before you leave. Among other things, you will find out if you can all fit in the tent. You have to count the dog as an extra person. You will probably be quite cramped in a tent for two.


Your Havan may be timid, but the night sounds of nature can awaken his hunting instincts. Make sure he doesn't get out of the tent without your knowledge and set up a safe place for him to calm down with familiar smells . It can be a bed, kennel or travel crate. Favorite toys or something good to chew won't hurt either. In short, anything to save you from a rough night.



Not everywhere will welcome your four-legged pet with open arms. Therefore, make sure in advance that the campsites and campsites where you plan to sleep are suitable for you. Don't forget the leash and muzzle and plan activities well so your pet doesn't get bored . Include time for rest in your schedule. Dogs are conservative animals and like their stereotype. Traveling is a burden for them. Therefore, let them get a good night's sleep even on the trip.


Add the dog's to your own travel list. No one will probably forget the feed, water, and bowls. But also throw in a first aid kit for dogs, including tick tweezers (you may also find it useful) and possibly antiparasitics, if your dog does not use them continuously. Also pack a vaccination certificate, a favorite toy, a towel, a bed or sleeping bag for the dog, a bean bag (you will use these, especially if you will be sleeping in the camp). Don't forget the headlamp, and the dog can use a clip-on light on the collar .

Missing something from the list? Take a look at our offer for all dog travelers .

However, the most important advice is clear: enjoy it ! Traveling with a dog can be a challenge, but if you're stressed, so will your Havan. Therefore, prepare well in advance so that you can put all your worries behind you in nature.

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