Does he not sit still for a while or is he completely calm during the car journey? All dogs need a car belt!

A special dog safety belt is an absolutely necessary tool for every responsible breeder who travels by car with a dog, either regularly or occasionally. In addition to the risk of a fine if you encounter a police patrol with an unsecured pet in the seat, not wearing a seat belt can have fatal consequences and may not directly lead to a traffic accident.

You wouldn't get into a car wearing a seat belt yourself, so why expose your pet to the risk of injury in a collision with another car? In many cases, the animal on board is even referred to as the cause of the accident.

What happens on impact

During a crash test conducted by the German ADAC car club, a 22-kilogram dog dummy hit the back of the driver's seat at a speed of 50 km/h with twenty-five times its weight. In such a case, the dog's life would be immediately ended, and the owner would have enormous problems coping with the impact of a burden with an equivalent weight of 500 kg.

The ideal solution to ensure the safety of yourself and your dog in the car is a safety harness . It also protects the dog from a fall or impact at the moment of a sudden maneuver, such as braking or a sharp change in driving direction.

Drive carefully and take extra care even on short distances.

With love


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