The peaceful coexistence of a cat and a dog. How to reach him?

Cats and dogs are often considered enemies, and many people cannot imagine their coexistence. Still, there are many households where both pets live, and it certainly doesn't look like a battlefield. When introducing a dog and a cat, just follow a few basic rules and they will not be far from becoming partners.

The easiest of all is to raise them together from birth. A puppy and a kitten get used to each other the fastest and in most cases it doesn't even occur to them to consider themselves uninvited guests. The opportunity to get both at the same time probably rarely comes up, but introducing an already adult animal to a kitten or puppy is no more complicated. But be careful at that point and always keep them under control until you are sure they won't hurt each other. You can trim the cat's claws from the beginning so that the dog cannot injure them.

First contact


And how about the first meeting? A playpen can make it easier for you. Animals can sniff through it and still stay safe. Complete several encounters like this. Start with a few minutes and if everything goes smoothly, increase the intervals. When you think it's time to remove the pen, put your dog on a leash for safety and let the pets approach you. The leash will serve as insurance to prevent the dog from chasing the cat. Get the dog to sit quietly, use treats calmly, and if everything goes smoothly, reward their behavior appropriately.

In any case, arm yourself with patience and realize the difference in the nature of cats and dogs. A cat is territorial by nature, and if it has never been exposed to other animals, it may guard its territory with its teeth and claws from the beginning. In contrast, the dog is a friendly, loyal creature that likes to get along with others in most situations. Even so, the territorial behavior of the cat might not be to his liking. Therefore, both of them should know where they have their place, where they will feel safe.

One big pack


The goal is for the dog to accept the cat in his pack and for the cat to tolerate him. It often happens that the cat conquers the dog so much that in the end she is the "boss" of the whole household. Think often not to give reason for jealousy to either. Try to pay attention to them separately, each separately, when you pet one animal, do not forget the other, and then ideally play with both at the same time.

And how about feeding? Everyone should definitely have their own bowls for food and water . Ideally further apart. And finally, one more practical advice. Find a suitable place for the cat toilet. The kind where the dog can't get to, because they like to go there to feast on cat excrement.

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