Purely natural, tasty and with proven effects in the care of healthy dog ​​teeth and gums. And what's best, hypoallergenic, without gluten, flavorings and preservatives. Healthy for all dogs without distinction.

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A young German microbiologist, passionate hobby cook and dog breeder Anke Domaske combined the knowledge of her profession with her hobby and created something amazing. Dog treats that actively take care of the health of the dog's mouth, jaw, or muzzle in a natural way , and what is wonderful, they are hypoallergenic :-)

During her work, she worked with the results of studies by the medical faculties of the universities of Freiburg (Oeschger, 2005) and Bern (Neuhaus & Lussi, 2009) and in particular by EC Reynolds, professor of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Melbourne, which proved that:

  • milk proteins have a significant antibacterial effect (by inhibiting amino acids in saliva, they reduce the ability to form bacterial cell walls by 80%). Bacteria are the cause of plaque formation, bad breath and decalcification of tooth enamel.

  • milk proteins activated by saliva have a high adhesion to hydroxyapatite (the basic component of enamel) and prevent the deposition of plaque on the surface of the tooth

  • casein (contained in all dairy products) creates an environment on the surface of the tooth that binds calcium and phosphorus, and thus actively remineralizes the enamel, i.e. repairs areas already damaged by the acid produced by bacteria

The basis of all QCHEFS treats, which is the name of the company founded by Anke, is therefore fresh cottage cheese (the only source of protein), which, by processing at low temperatures and mixing with superfoods such as buckwheat, carob or rice (according to the recipe), bioglycerin from coconut oil and virgin rapeseed oil acquires a specific structure and taste. The result is a purely natural treat. No lactose, gluten, added sugar, potential allergens; without flavorings and preservatives. Thanks to gentle processing, the treats retain the natural content of B vitamins and are rich in magnesium, zinc and iron.

The reward and fun of healthy chewing

snackies.jpg Soft variants of QCHEFS treats with buckwheat ( Sizzles , Puffies ) are intended for older dogs, puppies and individuals with sensitive teeth or gum problems. Their flexible structure motivates the little one to significantly chew and gnaw to prolong the contact with the teeth. Dogs also love them as a highly palatable reward or training motivational treat. Carob gives them a slightly sweet taste and also harmonizes digestion.

Harder and puffier variants ( Hard Cheese , Power Cracker Hard , Cheesies ) perfectly replace chew toys and cubes. Hard Cheese and Cheesies contain rice instead of buckwheat and are therefore extra rich in protein (39.1%). Satisfied dogs will spend a lot of time gnawing on them, and the beneficial effects of the cottage cheese treats will be strengthened by the mechanical grinding of already established plaque. They will delight both large and small dogs, even those that have chewing problems due to their long soft palate (pugs, bulldogs, Pekingese).

hard_cheese.jpg We, whose dogs suffer from allergies and sensitive digestion, gain allies in the QCHEFS treats in caring for the condition and health (not only dental) of our four-legged friends, we will appreciate their more fragrant breath and especially the joy of a tasty reward that can actively entertain the dog for a longer period of time.

With love


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