Dog and Baby: How to Safely Meet Them So They Become Best Friends?

The new two-legged member of your pack will completely change the life not only for you, but also for your pets. Many expectant parents are worried about how their dog will accept the child. After all, he is used to his territory, and such a huge change as a growing family could unsettle him. Fortunately, there are several ways to reliably prepare a dog for the arrival of a baby. If you know your furry friend well and know what to expect from him, you don't have to worry unnecessarily. Nevertheless, it is important to follow a few rules.


Good manners are the basis. You should work on this with your dog from birth, regardless of whether you plan to have children in the future. If he's obedient, you're halfway there. On the other half, you need to work together and leave nothing to chance. Basic commands will come in handy, especially snooze and summon. You won't be the only two on walks anymore, and you'll already have enough to worry about with the baby, let alone chasing your dog around. If the commands are a problem for you, look for example for an exerciser, where they can give you advice on training.



If your dog does not normally come into contact with children, it is important to spend time with them get acquainted before the arrival of the baby . Children's dogs can be frightened and afraid of them at first (or children can be afraid of dogs, but usually it's more the first case). First, take him to a neutral environment where there are more children. You will see how he reacts to them. Then invite friends or relatives directly to your home. After several meetings, the dog will gradually get used to all the sounds, gestures or movements that are characteristic of children in a completely natural way. And what are we going to talk about, not always pleasant for dogs.

In any case, keep an eye on both the dog and the child. It is not advisable to rush the pet headlong. We actually think, and we believe that we speak for all dog owners, that every child should go through a "course" on how to behave with strange dogs.


You don't want the dog to go to the children's room or even to the bed? Teach him ahead of time. This is very important. In the event that the baby was already at home and the dog associated these prohibitions with his arrival, he could become jealous. You can also teach him which toys are the child's and which he should not play with. But it often turns out that the child and the dog play together and happily borrow toys. But be careful if you know that the dog is possessive and won't let anyone else touch his things (toys or even a bowl of food). That could be a problem.


Small children are clumsy and cannot yet estimate strength. Therefore, when they want to stroke the dog, it can be more like a rougher massage. Of course, we teach the child how to behave with the dog from the beginning, but it will take a while. That's why you can get the furries used to rougher cuddling . He shouldn't mind if you touch his nose, ears or gently pull his tail. Do everything in the form of a game.



When the baby is born, take it from the maternity ward a piece of clothing they were wearing and let the dog sniff it at home . This way, he will get used to the children's smell and it will be easier to get to know him. When D-Day arrives and you bring home your little bundle of happiness (and this time it won't be a puppy), proceed with caution. At the same time, do not be unnecessarily nervous so that the dog does not feel that something is wrong. When you come home, welcome him as always, joyfully and cheerfully. Let him know that you like seeing him and that you missed him. Then let him sniff the baby's feet. But be careful, the dog can be startled by the movements or sounds that the baby makes. If everything goes smoothly, reward the furries properly with a treat.


Taking care of a baby takes a lot of time. But if you want the child and the dog to live together in harmony, you should not neglect your four-legged pet. Give him enough attention, talk to him, play with him . It will be more difficult to put everything together in the beginning, but you will see that you will then raise him as a great partner for your children.

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