It is no longer the case that you cannot fly with your pet to the south of Europe or even to the other side of the globe! On the contrary, many airlines welcome four-legged passengers with open arms and allow them a comfortable flight. However, flying with a dog is a challenging discipline that you should consider carefully.

Life with a dog comes with many challenges, and vacations are one of them. Either you have family and friends around you who will look after your dog, or you decide to go on holiday with your four-legged friend. If the second option is closer to you, then no doubt you will have a long thought about which means of transport to get to your dream destination. The choice can also fall on a plane!


Good news for all owners of smaller breeds! If you have a little one a dog up to eight kilograms , then you can have it without a problem you can take with you on board . Must be a dog in lockable carrier with a firm and impermeable bottom about the dimensions at most 43 x 30 x 27 centimeters . If your dog weighs more than eight kilograms, there is nothing left but to "check in" and send it to the luggage compartment.

The crate in which the dog travels into the luggage compartment, should not exceed the dimensions of 130 x 69 x 80 centimeters . Equally dogs weighing more than 32 kilograms cannot be checked in . Although the idea of ​​a dog traveling alone in the luggage compartment sounds scary, the positive is that the crate must be equipped food and water , and at the same time marked with your name and telephone contact. The rules mentioned above are general, so we recommend that you contact your chosen airline before flying to ask about their approach to transporting four-legged pets.


He can't get on the plane without a ticket! And this applies not only to humans, but also to dogs. A "dog" ticket on board will cost you approximately 1,500 CZK . On the contrary, for larger dogs that have to travel in the luggage compartment, the price of a one-way ticket is set at approximately CZK 3,000 . Of course, even in this regard, it is important to add that the price list is determined by the airline. Current information so find out about the price on the relevant website of the company with which you are going to travel.


Yes, traveling by plane has long been no stranger to dog lovers. But if you are considering whether to go on vacation with your dog, don't be selfish and try to get along with your pet first . Do you have a hearty creature at home who is ready for fear? Or do you know that your dog is sensitive and will throw things off? Whether we like it or not, air travel is stressful for dogs, so really think carefully about whether your dog can withstand this stress. Even if you can't ask your four-legged friend for his opinion, we believe that you will surely feel his "answer".


As already mentioned, traveling with a dog is not an easy matter. Things are further complicated by the fact that each country approaches dog passengers in its own way . Be sure to find out which one before you go mandatory vaccinations and more veterinary conditions your dog must meet at the destination. For example, Great Britain, Ireland, Malta and Finland require all dogs to be dewormed 120 to 24 hours before entering their territory. Attention take too on countries in which dogs must upon arrival to quarantines .

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