Dog friendly businesses or where your dog will be welcomed with open arms (and often a full bowl)?

Gone are the days when every restaurant door had a "No Dogs Allowed" sign! Dogs have become full members of the family, so of course we take them with us for dinner, lunch, breakfast or even just for coffee. What are we talking about, our four-legged pets often behave better there than the two-legged regulars, so there are more and more so-called dog friendly places.

Our female Berta is a big traveler. She traveled criss-crossing the Czech Republic with her mistresses and visited countless businesses. In most of them, she was even welcomed before her two-legged companion, so she would like to recommend a few of them to you.


Dog comforter Prague is a paradise for Bertina-type cafe bums. She never met with rejection there, not even when she was munching on something good. Her repeated refuge is, for example, SmetanaQ on the Smetana embankment. It is a pleasant stop when wandering around the capital. Berta likes to come here with her owners for breakfast. Waffles with mascarpone and strawberries or avocado bread are famous here. Avocados are poisonous to dogs, but an occasional strawberry from the table doesn't hurt.

The Vršovice cafe is also a popular breakfast spot Your mom . There is almost always at least one dog at every table. It should be noted that everyone behaves in an exemplary manner. It almost seems like cafe loitering is being taught on a trainer.

The last time Berta visited Happy Bean bistro at Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrady. They only have a vegan and vegetarian menu here, so you won't find any sloppy meat here, but Bertička regularly gets tasty cookies here, so you can believe that she likes to come back here.

Pizza lovers will appreciate the tip on an Italian restaurant. Berta has been tested Wine Food Market in Smíchov. Here too, a bowl of water was waiting for her, which is quite common in most dog friendly restaurants.

They are also prepared for dogs in style Thai restaurant NOI on the Little Side. Not only will they bring your dog's own bowl of water to the table, but they will also offer you a mat on the floor for him to have proper comfort while lounging. If you choose a non-spicy dish from the Asian menu, don't hesitate to share it with your loved one. Otherwise, he will be offered dried meat. In the summer, you will certainly appreciate a pleasant sitting in the garden in the yard of the house.

Dogbar In many places, even outside of Prague, there is also a so-called Dogbar , which is a water bowl provided by us at We love dogs. If you know of a restaurant, cafe or shop where another Dogbar would be suitable, let us know by e-mail at A list of where they are located can be found at the end of this article.


When traveling to Moravia, Berta likes to stop in Brno at a cafe SKØG Urban Hub . Here you can enjoy selected coffee and something good for your teeth. However, Berta's most popular dog-friendly place is Mikulov. IN Hotel Volařík because she had her own bed prepared in the room in the form of a crib, and instead of the classic chocolate that the maids leave on the pillow for guests, she had a treat in the crib. In Mikulov, she and her mistress "swept out" one business after another. Bistro drugstore , Cuck and Sojka & Spol. but they are her favorites.


Name of the restaurant Black Dog is a bit misleading. During the visit, Berta was afraid that, as a redhead, she would not be allowed there. But the worries were unnecessary and she was able to enter probably the most fragrant place she had ever been. Her owners like to come here for burgers, and the "Polite dogs allowed" sticker at the entrance only speaks to the fact that she had a good time here.


Near Pilsen, in the small village of Soběsuka, there is a paradise of beef steaks. IN Angus Farm cooks locally, seasonally and from farm ingredients. Tartars, ribs or burgers are also famous, in short, every carnivore will find something to their taste here. And that includes dogs, who can go to the restaurant as well as to the small guesthouse that is right above it. Ideal for when you find yourself full and need a twenty.

Do you also have tips for dog friendly places? We will be happy if you share them with us.


  • Cafe Malá scéna, Zlín

  • Cafe in Myslivno, Zlin

  • Cafe Vescovi, Újezd, Malá Strana

  • Café de Paris, Velkopřevorské nám., Prague 1

  • Potten & Pannen – Staňek: Vodičkova 2, Prague 1

  • Ujezd 25, Prague 1

  • Obchodni 110, Cestlice

  • Santovka, Olomouc

  • Vankovka, Brno

  • OC Novy Smichov, Prague 5

  • Palladium, Prague 1

  • Westfield, Chodov

  • Romania, Liberec

  • CENTRAL, Bratislava

  • Salon STOLEN, Radlická, Prague 5

  • Peter's apartment, Slavíkova, Prague 3

  • Kofarna Café, Zborovská, Prague 5

  • Dogpoint, Lhotky - Malotice

  • Zolly Bakery, Obloukova, Ohrobec

  • Pub Na hrdbách, V Pevnosti, Prague 2

  • OD Kotva, 4th floor, Nám. Republiky, Prague 1

  • Zbiroh Castle, Zbiroh

  • Woodoo People, Thámova, Prague 8

  • Atelier Macháček, Spálená, Prague 1

  • Bašta Brewery, Táborská, Prague 4

  • Bastova Zmrzlinarna, nám. Bratří Synků, Prague 4

  • Restaurant Gaston, ZOO Prague, Prague 8

  • Biobeauty, Slezská, Prague 2

  • Joyburger, Jeselská, Prague 6

  • Joyburger, Celetná, Prague 1

  • Loftvafe, Křižíkova, Prague 8

  • New Play, Jeremenkova, Prague 4

  • Deal Partner, Sankarská, Prague 10

  • Restaurant U Pramene, Goetheho, Prague 6

  • Restaurant Luna club, Teplice - Trnovany

  • Point Gallery, Betlémské nam., Prague 1

  • Vinotéka Malá Morava, Jan Masaryk, Prague 2

  • Restaurant Zebra, Melantrichova, Prague 1

  • U Stríbrné pudla, Chebská, Mariánské lázně

  • bar & grill Blackdog, Česká, Beroun

  • Studio 54, Hybernská, Prague 1

  • Giovanni Becca, Vinohradská, Prague 2

  • LOLË Store, Karolíny Světlé 19 Prague 1

  • Bar Brut, Letohradská, Prague 7

  •, Řeporyjské náměstí, Řeporyje

  • Vlasové Studio Vavruškovi, K Brusce, Prague 6

  • U Modrá kachničky, Nebovidská, Prague 1

  • Inn Na kopečku, Horská, Horní Maršov

  • Window, Castle stairs, Prague 1

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