Caring for dog paws in winter

Urban terrain in particular is no honey for dog paws in winter. Sidewalks are often wet, icy, snowy, salted or sprinkled with gravel. In short, it is not very good for our barefoot companions. Therefore, read practical tips on how to care for dog paws in winter.



First, prepare your dog for walks in the cold streets. In addition to clipped claws, the dog should have clipped hair between the toes and pads. A lot of dirt or ice balls of frozen snow stick to them. Cut the hairs with scissors with a rounded tip. If your canine partner is more sensitive to touch, start slowly and bring treats to help. Let the dog get used to the scissors and their approach little by little and reward each step. In addition to good treats, a clicker is also useful for this job.


You can paint your dog's paws before walking with a special protective balm . Avoid using products intended for humans. They could harm the dog. Balms intended for these purposes are not toxic, even after licking, they hydrate the dog's skin, but do not leave it unnecessarily greasy, nourish it and do not slide the paws on the surface after application.


Dogs with more sensitive paws or dog athletes can also be helped by special dog shoes. In this case, pay attention to choosing the right size and quality material. However, most dogs do not want to wear shoes, so you will probably have to teach your dog how to put on and wear shoes. Again, take small steps and arm yourself with good treats. First put on the boots for a short while, which you gradually extend. Reward and praise your dog for every success.


When you get home, wash your dog's paws with warm water and dry them. You can also re-lubricate them with a protective balm. Cracked paws can also be treated with petroleum jelly or lard. However, there is a risk of rapid licking. If your dog's paws are injured, bleeding or limping, head straight to your vet.

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