Do you feel like your dog has become a "couch bum" over the winter? And do you admit that you often enjoy the comfort of the sofa together? Then it's high time to invite a sport into your life that will excite not only you, but also your four-legged pet.


After a long winter, spring has finally arrived, which we can enjoy in full gulps. And so many dog ​​walkers go for long walks around the area, or take their dog on a trip to nature. But if you want to diversify your life with your dog with a new activity, try to think about one of the dog sports . Not only will the dog have a great time playing sports, but it will also strengthen its physical health and gain new sensations. And in short, even the masters don't come! Believe that there is nothing better than spending time actively with your best four-legged friend. What dog sports are worth trying?


We're guessing you've already heard of an activity called canicross. So if you have an active dog who loves to run, then there is nothing left to do but put on running shoes and running belt . It is the running belt that replaces the leash and guarantees that your dog will not run away in nature. In canicross, in contrast to dog jogging, it is true that the dog sets the pace . So let your canine pet be the "master" for at least a few minutes and follow his frantic pace. The good news is that canicross is suitable for all healthy dogs and owners who enjoy running in nature.


"See that girl, watch that scene, digging the Dancing Queen." If your dog often watches you dance while cooking or cleaning, then this is the perfect time to show him that dancing is for everyone. And when we say for everyone, we really mean for everyone! Many cynological organizations, as well as private individuals, organize dog dancing classes that you can take part in. It is only important that your dog knows the basic commands, such as sit, lie down, stay or come to my feet. Subsequently, it's up to you whether you can "lead" the dog in the dance and develop a musical rhythm that will undoubtedly flow through his body.



Agility is also a very popular dog sport. During the obstacle course, the dog has to overcome various obstacles, for example, a balance beam, a slalom, a tunnel or a ladder. But it is definitely not an "ordinary" walk between obstacles. On the contrary, the goal of agility is for the dog to overcome obstacles not only in the correct order, but also in the fastest possible time. So if you thought that only a dog "sweats" during agility, then we have to quickly disabuse you. Are you interested in agility? Then you can try this dog sport, for example, in one of the cynological clubs or on dog playgrounds.


Do you also like to throw frisbees at your dog? If you're nodding your head "yes," then you're well positioned to master the dog sport of dog frisbee. Dogfrisbee is not just about catching a flying saucer. Emphasis is also placed on the tricks performed by the dog when catching the plate. Of course, nothing prevents you from doing dog frisbee for leisure, not for sport.


The truth remains that the dog triathlon is higher for girls. Unlike the sports mentioned above, it requires the dog to be in great physical condition, and especially trained for higher loads. In the dog triathlon, you swim, cycle and run together. The only difference from the classic "human" triathlon is that maximum obedience of the dog is also an important prerequisite, which you will appreciate especially when swimming and cycling together.

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