We have good news for the owners of all larger dogs. From July, you will no longer have to buy your dog a ticket for Prague public transport, as this obligation ends.

If you previously wanted to travel with your pet on Prague public transport, you had to buy a ticket worth CZK 16. The validity of the ticket was the same as the time and zone validity of the ticket of the passenger transporting the dog, but a maximum of 300 minutes. The obligation only applied to larger dogs outside the transport bag. Smaller breeds that were placed in a carrier could travel on public transport for free.

From July you can take your dog on the subway, tram or bus and you don't have to think about buying a ticket for your friend. However, the dog must still have a secure muzzle and must be kept on a leash for a short time. It is also prohibited to transport a pet on the seat. The animal must also not harm or pollute other passengers or the vehicle and must not endanger the safety and health of persons.


Beware of exceptions

This news therefore applies to trams, buses and the metro. However, it does not apply to PID trains and the AE airport line, where the dog must still have a ticket. It will no longer be necessary to buy a ticket on PID suburban buses in the outer tariff zones outside Prague, but this only applies to holders of time coupons for the outer zones. Others pay a one-time price of CZK 16 for the dog.

So before going on a trip, make sure you have everything your friend needs. Choose a nice and comfortable carrying bag or crate for your small dog. You can choose from bags, boxes and backpacks. It depends on what your pet likes. Mainly think that he has enough space and doesn't feel cramped. The best solution is to try the crates directly with the dog at the store, at least you will see what suits you both best.




Hooray for a trip

If you are going out with a big friend, a collar , leash and especially a basket are needed. We have collars in all possible color variations. From a simple design, through studded collars, to luxurious, for example, with flowers. Of course, you can also choose from a whole range of materials. Don't forget to choose a nice leash for the new collar. The last thing you'll need on the trip is a muzzle . Now it's time to go on a trip.

With love


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