Focused on the dental health of canine pets

While humans brush their teeth at least twice a day, dogs can hardly pick up a toothbrush and clean their teeth with precision. And so there is nothing left but to help them in this regard and together achieve perfectly healthy dog ​​teeth.

The days when owners neglected dogs' dental health are long gone. Nowadays, we all know that even dogs can suffer from tartar deposits and gingivitis. So if you want to do the best for your canine lover, focus on his teeth from a puppy age. You will be rewarded with forty-two healthy and bright white teeth that will smile at you from ear to ear. So how to do it?



Thought toothbrushes were just for humans? Error! You will also find them in dog shops silicone dog toothbrushes that you "put" on your finger and then brush your teeth. Don't forget the dog toothpaste, which you apply to the brush or directly into the oral cavity. When brushing, hold the brush at an angle to the gum line, moving the brush from the edge of the gum to the tip of the tooth. Voilà, after a few minutes you are done.

Unfortunately, many dog ​​owners think that brushing their teeth is a one-off event that doesn't need regularity. But the truth remains that Ideally, you should clean your dog's teeth seven times a week , or at least five times. This is the only way you can be 100% sure that your pet's dental health is properly taken care of. In addition, thanks to the regularity, the dog gets so used to brushing his teeth that after a while he will consider it a matter of course.



Did you know there are special ones too? dental treats that will make your dog's teeth healthier? The active ingredient in these treats is milk protein, which is known to have strong antibacterial effects , and also suppresses the formation of dental plaque. When dental treats are chewed, plaque is mechanically removed from the teeth, and at the same time, the casein contained in the milk is activated by the dog's saliva, which reconstructs the tooth enamel. When choosing dental treats, focus on their composition so that you can be sure that the product is composed of high-quality ingredients and, above all, contains the mentioned milk protein.

If you're looking for a fun alternative to dental treats, then get one for your four-legged friend antlers . This is a 100% natural product that is not chemically treated, so your dog can nibble on it without any regrets. In addition, the antler contains important nutrients and minerals. Another non-traditional dental treat is the Himalayan bar, which is made from powdered milk and also helps to clean teeth and gums.


You might be surprised to know that dogs also have their own special mouthwashes, or better said oral sprays that help clean the dog's teeth and keep the breath fresh . In addition, using these oral sprays is very simple, just spray a small amount of liquid on the teeth and gums. So if you want to do something extra for your dog's dental health, then we definitely recommend an oral spray.

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