Dogs can be nice buffoons who make us laugh until we grab our stomachs. How many times have you watched your pet funny looking for his favorite toy in the basket or "burrowing" in the bed to sleep. Their often silly yet very funny behavior is one of the things we love about them. But there are several situations that at first look funny, but in reality they can indicate a problem.


Sometimes we really need to know what dogs think. Biting and chasing one's own tail is a behavior that doesn't have to mean anything at all, and we can laugh at it, but if it happens suspiciously often, it can also be a symptom of an illness. In the best case, the cause is just boredom and excess energy , which the dog tries to get rid of in this way, in the worst case, blocked anal glands, obsessive-compulsive behavior disorder or anxiety. If you suspect that your furry friend is not just bored with this activity, visit the vet to be sure.



Drinking from a pond or even a puddle may seem harmless. However, the dog's digestion can handle it somehow, and if the furry one is thirsty, just let him drink. But like this water from an unverified source can make the dog suffer . This is because it often contains bacteria that can cause quite a bit of mischief. After all, you probably wouldn't drink from the pond either, would you? That's why it's a good idea to have a bowl and a water bottle with you, or get a practical one a bottle with a drinker directly for dogs .


There are other dangers associated with water. Many dogs love it and we are happy to give them a bath. Especially in the summer, it can seem like a great idea to us. The dog will have fun in the water and cool down nicely. But even here there are several dangers. You should definitely not let your dog jump into the water on hot summer days . Sudden cooling could cause shock and collapse. Therefore, supervise the dog so that he goes into the water gradually. We understand that this can be challenging for some water lovers, but this is really about life.


When the dog has cooled down enough and is happily playing in the water, don't leave it there for too long. Swimming is exhausting for him, at the same time, in the heat of the game, he doesn't have to estimate his strength, and you will jump there for him. The third threat is water intoxication . It can happen when retrieving a ball into the water or even at home when playing with garden irrigation - the water splashes around and the tireless dog catches it in his mouth. At first glance, great fun, but if you let your dog swallow water or catch a ball in the water for too long, excessive fluid intake can cause serious health problems. Therefore, always keep water toys under control.

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