If you have exhausted all the possibilities of the program for your little ones, we have some tips to keep them busy, but also your pets. The following games do not require new toys, cost nothing, and provide hours of fun.



This game to kill hours at home on a rainy day requires kibble or dog treats, tennis balls and an old muffin tin. How to do it? Place several granules / treats to forms on muffins and then all places cover up tennis balls . The dogs will work diligently to remove all the balls and get to the goodies, the children will be happy to feed their pet. The game can be played with treats, but also with classic food that you normally put in the dog's bowl.


On days when it is beautiful outside, children can invent a dog in the garden all kinds of obstacles . They can be used for their construction common things as garden chair , buckets , hose , brooms etc., there are no limits to imagination. They can then complete the obstacle course together and compete to see who can overcome it better and faster. Just make sure in advance about the safety of the obstacles to avoid injury to the child or the dog.



This game can keep kids and dogs entertained for hours. But the condition is that the furry can command well. Children they will need treats or favorite dogs a toy . Subsequently, they give the dog the command "stay". Once the furry one settles down and understands what is wanted of him, his little sidekick will hide treats or a toy within the dog's field of vision. After his object of desire is thoroughly hidden, he is given the command to set out in search. The child can track the dog's search, record it and, during other games, watch how the dog breaks records or its performance deteriorates.


For the safety of everyone involved, including your precious grandmother's vase, we recommend playing soccer outside. However, if you are sure that you have hidden all the valuables and your dog and child are football champions, nothing prevents you from trying the game inside. Prepare small football or any ball , basket on linen / possibly box that will serve as the goal . Kids can practice kicking and improve their physical skills while their canine sidekick tries to steal the ball. Just caution is in order here again. Children should be careful not to kick the dog or hit it with a ball.

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