When they are sleeping, they are the sweetest and also the most worthy. Adult dogs and especially puppies need a lot of quality sleep and rest. Indulge them with a great bed.

You think that your dog will probably sleep all day. You are partly right, on average dogs sleep 17 hours a day, but only 20-30% of the time they sleep is in the deep sleep phase. Have you ever come home from work looking forward to a loving welcome and instead had to find your dog and talk to him in a raised voice to get him to wake up?


 Always on guard

Most of the day, however, the dog is in a phase of light sleep, when his senses are alert and alert, his eyes are closed, but his ears perceive even a quiet sound or rustle. This is the familiar snuffling from sleep or when you sneak quietly into the kitchen so as not to wake your pet, but he immediately follows you because he wants to be in control of what is happening around the refrigerator. What if you accidentally drop something?

Some breeders let the dog sleep in bed with them. If you don't want your pet to be another bedfellow, get him a nice and comfortable bed where he can sleep as well as you do. But how to choose the right bed for dogs , so that your four-legged friend sleeps "in pink"?

Choose the right one

It always matters first and foremost whether you have a small or a large dog at home. There are many nests and they are of different sizes. You can get your dog just a mattress or a plush bed or a special sleeping bag for dogs. The offer also includes memory foam or a dog hole.



Most HUNTER dog beds are machine washable, which is ideal because your pet's bed will always be clean and fragrant. Young designers are constantly introducing new and new ideas and concepts, creating a comprehensive range of comfortable beds for small and large dogs , so you will really have a lot to choose from.

The offer also includes luxurious dog beds , in which every dog ​​will feel like a king. Come with your pet to one of the HUNTER stores and choose a place for sweet dreams.

With love


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