We will not allow this type of lead! The tracker allows our furry companion freedom, but we, the owners, can have peace of mind. This long line can be easily stepped on and thus prevent our hunter from getting lost among the trees. And it is great for example when training summons or during dog sports.

The tracking lead is usually from five to fifteen meters long. It has a carabiner firmly attached on one side, the hand loop is mostly missing on the other end. The tracker is pulled by the dog and serves more as a safety device than a classic leash . It is actually an intermediate step between walking on a leash and running freely. However, unlike a regular leash, attach the tracker to the legs rather than to the collar. Imagine a situation where a dog runs after a hare with a jet and you quickly stomp on the disappearing tracker. The force of such a jerk is better distributed on the harness and does not harm the dog.


The stopwatch is an irreplaceable helper during training. It helps when practicing calling in unsecured areas and is suitable for every owner whose dog can go deaf at a certain moment and pretend to be completely alone on a walk. You can also use the tracking guide during hunting training.

During a walk, only use the tracker when the dog is calm and when it is not in danger - for example, in a situation where it suddenly decides to change direction. If you need more control over your dog, treat the tracker like any other leash. It should therefore sag when walking, it should not be stretched and thus add stress to the situation. Keep rewarding the dog with treats so that he naturally learns to return to you even when he is free.


Some owners make trackers at home from several meters of string. However, the advantage of professionally made tracking guides is their greater strength and, above all, the material that does not get stuck on twigs, stones or tree bark. So you don't have to run after your dog every few meters and rescue him from the bushes. In addition, a smooth material such as polymer or leather is safer for the dog during its wilder games and can be easily rinsed if your four-legged friend sweeps up every muddy puddle.

You can choose, for example the Convenience tracker , which shines into the distance and thanks to this you have more control over the dog. Or elegant tracking guide Solid Education made of black leather.

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