It breaks our hearts to see how evil people are capable of treating living creatures. There are increasing cases of dog cruelty, abuse for breeding for personal gain, and we cannot accept how many dogs end up on the street as a result of reckless behavior.

After staying in adverse conditions, during capture and subsequent treatment at the vet, dogs are so stressed that it is very difficult for them to trust a new person. In cooperation with the Dogpoint organization, we have therefore embarked on the construction of a completely new dog shelter, which will be fully equipped for a comfortable life, even for larger packs.


Construction of a dog shelter in Malotice


Dogpoint ops is currently managed from the core of the organization which acts as an administrative headquarters providing field trips to reported cases. They take care of the mediation of veterinary care, organize events to support interest in help and arrange so-called deposits for dogs (temporary homes with volunteers).


Dogpoint Organizational Structure


As part of simplifying the placement of dogs in new families, a new dogpoint shelter is being created in Malotice, which we have decided to support. Every month, 3% of the sales of the shop in Malá Strana goes to the account of the shelter.


Even the stars of the series supported the newly emerging shelter


You can also help the dogs by buying a HUNTER keychain. The value of the keychain is 200 CZK and you can buy it in our Just Your Friend shop on the Little Side. The collection for the shelter is year-round, and the box into which the money for the sold keychains is put is sealed by the municipality. It will only be unsealed at the end of the year when the money is counted and we will then deposit it into Dogpoint's account.

Pet lovers can also make a donation such as food, medicine, cleaning products and much more. You can bring gifts for dogs to our store and we will personally take everything to the shelter.



Do something nice today and stop by for a magic keychain that can help.


With love


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