Hersenwerk: A game that will never stop entertaining your dog

Are you looking for unconventional entertainment for your dog? Do you want to stimulate all his senses? Or do you have a hyperactive dog at home that won't sit still for a moment? If you answered yes at least once, then you will love hersenwerk.

Hersenwerk method saw the light of day in 2007 in Holland, when trainer Inge van Harte was given a difficult task. The owner of a hyperactive dog who was looking for help asked her for help a way to calm the dog down. Inge van Harte prepared for a hyperactive dog a "sniffing game" that mentally occupied him so much that he fell asleep after only ten minutes of playing . And so hersenwerk was born, a simple "game" for all dogs, in which there are no winners or losers. Hersenwerk is not a competition, but a way to relax. 


Each of us needs to rest , and it is no different for four-legged pets. Whether you come from a long walk, from the gym or from the garden, you can certainly see in your dog that he needs to relax. Unfortunately, the dog doesn't say to himself: "I'm going to throw twenty in the bed", so he continues to fool around, is dragged around like a small child or keeps throwing a toy at your leg. It is not only in these moments that hersenwerk calls for attention, a game designed to relax and stimulate the senses, through which your dog will relax . It must be added that hersenwerk also brings a number of other advantages. Experts at hersenwerk highlight the fact that the game teaches dogs to concentrate, increases their self-confidence, offers relaxation or keeps older dogs in shape. 



For hersenwerk you need any puzzle in which you can hide treats . It is up to you whether you get your dog a so-called a play blanket , a sniffing pad or you will experiment with things that you have had at home for a long time. To begin with, we recommend the last option, thanks to which you will find out whether your dog really enjoys hersenwerk.

And how to proceed? We took a dog blanket with us, which we translated in different ways and inserted favorite words into each translation treats . Once the puzzle was complete, we gave our poodle Hugo the command "hersenwerk". As already mentioned, hersenwerk is not a competition, but a relaxing activity . And so we left Hugo alone with the puzzle. No encouragement, no praise for the discovered treat, no motivation. We soon observed that Hugo relaxes (notice the dog's tail, which begins to slowly fall during the hersenwerk) and completely puts himself into the game. Once Hugo finds all the treats, it's game over. In this respect but it is important to note that the end of the game is determined by the dog . If he decides to leave the hersenwerk during the "split job", under no circumstances force him to return to the puzzle. Again, we remind you that hersenwerk is not a competitive discipline.

When to start hersenwerk? 

Now! If you have a dog older than sixteen weeks at home, then you can boldly start hersenwerk. Equally hersenwerk will be appreciated by an adult dog or a senior dog who exercises his intelligence while playing . You should also include Hersenwerk in your daily routine when when the dog reached puberty . Especially in this challenging period, you will appreciate when the dog can calm down and concentrate exclusively on one activity. And finally can hersenwerk also help dogs who have received from the doctor ordered rest mode .

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