Few dogs can resist rolling in dust, mud or even a dirty fish. In short, the bigger the smell, the bigger the excitement. It gradually subsides on the way to the bathroom, where you will rid it of the repulsive odor. Keeping the fur clean often seems like a superhuman task, especially when we know that it is not good to bathe it too often. So how many times is ideal so we don't hurt his fur?

It probably won't surprise you that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on the breed, length of coat, health, level of activity and whether the dog lives mostly outdoors or indoors. But an easy indicator can be the smell. If a dog walks past you and you can smell it a hundred feet away, it means that you cannot avoid a bath. In general, however, it is claimed that it should not be more often than once every three months. In short, the less the better. Puppies should not even be bathed at all.

Why is frequent bathing so dangerous? It can cause fur irritation, damage to hair follicles and an increase in bacterial or fungal infections. In addition, the dog's fur loses its self-cleaning ability through repeated washing, and the dog starts to smell in an increasingly shorter interval after the last bath.


At first glance, it might seem as easy as washing a car. Unfortunately, this is not the case, unless your car jumps out of the bathtub. First of all, you have to make sure that your dog does not run away from the bath , because it is not pleasant for him. He himself sees no reason why you should deprive him of his graceful fragrance, so feel free to call someone for help. If the bath takes place in the bathroom, a wet dog could slip on the pavement when running away. Also, be careful not to slip and injure yourself.

Then procure Gentle dog shampoo . Definitely don't share yours with the dog. Products for humans are not suitable for sensitive dog fur. You can choose from our wide range of shampoos e.g. anti-odor, repellent, revitalizing, herbal or for easy detangling. And then just soak thoroughly, lather up (avoid the eye area) and wash off.

A dog salon is also a solution, where they can consult with your dog and know what is best for his coat. Then all you have to do is pick up a fragrant, clean pet, which will immediately look for an opportunity to roll around again.

Also watch the video of the Smečka podcast, which deals with the topic in more depth:

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