While you can take a road trip to the mountains or a sightseeing holiday in the Czech Republic with your four-legged pet, you can hardly smuggle a dog into a five-star resort by the sea. So if you're making plans for a vacation that your dog can't take with you, you're probably dealing with only one question - where to take him?

When we get a four-legged pet, we deliberately overlook the problems and questions that may arise in a new coexistence. But the truth remains that after a few months we have to face these problems and find a solution. Probably the most common problem is who will take care of the dogs while we are on vacation. If you are asking yourself a similar question, we have good news for you. There are several options that will allow you to travel, and at the same time you will be sure that the dog is in good hands.


Do you know that you're going on vacation and you can't take your dog with you? Before you book your flights, call your parents, siblings or aunt. With a little luck, you will find a person in your family who will willingly look after the dog and surround it with love and care during your absence. If your family members are older, have dog allergies, or simply can't take care of a four-legged creature, try directing your request to friends. Surely you will find someone in your area who would like to spend a week with their dog.


Did you know that there are people who look after dogs professionally? Actually, it's like that babysitters who will take your pet out, feed, scratch and caress them . If you don't have someone in your area who would take care of your pet, then you can call a dog sitter to the service. Enter this phrase into the search engine and you will surely find many professional sites dedicated to dog sitting. Just be careful not to entrust your canine friend to someone who does not have a warm relationship with dogs. Ideally you are read all kinds of references and meet with the dog sitter before leaving the dog with him . You will see if you and the professional dog sitter will get along and if they will instill enough confidence in you.


There is no dog hotel like a dog hotel. Although many of us imagine a dog hotel as a place full of kennels, minimal space and sad dog eyes, nowadays we can find many dog ​​hotels that could get five stars from the spot. So if you want the best care for your pet, look no further luxury dog ​​hotels that stand out not only for their cleanliness and space, but also for their rich daily program . Some dog hotels for example offers regular training, outdoor playground, interactive toys etc. Of course, even in this respect, it pays off if you read all the reviews and visit the dog hotel before you place your dog there.

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