When it's raining so much outside that even the dog wouldn't be able to drive it out, we usually figure out how to get our furry darling out without a long walk. The good news is that the rainy weather provides ideal conditions for exercising the dog's head. A couple of dog puzzles and fun games can pull just as well as running through the meadow.

The easiest way to keep your dog busy is with help interactive toys . Just fill them with pellets or treats and let your dog roll or lick his dinner. Kong products are great, for example, which are known for their smart solutions and material that lasts a long time and can be washed in the dishwasher. We can recommend, for example Bottom Loaded Kong Wobbler , Kong Gyro with dynamic construction or extremely durable Kong Extreme Bone for dogs who don't really cuddle with their toys.

Sniffing is a great activity for dogs of all breeds and ages. Therefore, prepare for your pet olfactory labyrinth . Take old towels or blankets, throw them on the ground and sprinkle small treats or granules into their folds. You can also use a fluffy carpet or a mop handle. You can also scatter rewards on a pile of unfolded books or magazines or other randomly assembled items. You can also hide them in old toothpaste boxes or toilet paper rolls. You then let your tearer conquer the treat. It is perfect for this activity, for example Celtic Connection rewards . If you haven't played similar games with your dog before, start with really easy variations and gradually increase the difficulty. The easiest option is to scatter dinner in the form of granules on the floor and let your hungry person pick up the individual pieces. The greater the dispersion of the granules, the more work for the dog.

You can try it together reward seeking . You sit the dog down, or let him wait in place (impatiently outside the door) and after the instruction let him look for a scented reward. For example, they are suitable Lifestyle treats . If your dog doesn't know this game yet, set really simple conditions for him to start with. Start in a small area, let him see the treat. Once you are sure that your hunter has understood the conditions, start making them more difficult. Set them up so that he always finds the reward - but at the same time he has to use his head and nose to find it.

You can easily heat up the dog rolls the moment you start together learn some new trick or dust off the old ones that haven't been touched for a long time. Teach your pet to give a kiss on the cheek on command, play dead after calling "piff paff" or perhaps bring slippers on request. You will need a clicker and treats for these exercises. And if there are more of you at home, practice responding to the name. Each of the human players sits in a different room and you call the dog by his name in turn. When the dog runs up, he gets happy praise and a treat. After a while - so that the furry runner has time to eat his reward in peace - another family member calls to the skip. The dog gets a little physically tired, and it also learns that running after its name is called is a great thing.

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