How to arrange for your dog to experience Christmas without unnecessary stress?

We buy last-minute presents, bake fifteen kinds of cookies, clean the apartment and prepare for Christmas Day. Christmas sometimes goes hand in hand with stress, which, unfortunately, is not avoided even by our four-legged pets. Let's try not to forget the dogs and prepare a safe environment for them, in which stress will be avoided.


Christmas decorations will delight not only your holiday guests, but also pets. However, while the guests only praise the Christmas decorations, the dogs like to "taste" them without much ado. Think about it and do not leave anything within their reach that could harm them . Specifically, we mean electric socket lights, small decorations or glass ornaments for the Christmas tree.

It forms a separate chapter poinsettia and mistletoe, because after ingesting them, the dog is at risk of severe poisoning , which is manifested by diarrhea or stomach cramps. To be safe, do not buy poinsettia and mistletoe, or place the plants in a safe place where the dog cannot reach. After all, none of us want to spend Christmas time at the veterinary clinic.



Yes, Christmas time is definitely not full of routine and stereotype. Still, it pays off when you will give your dog at least a partial sense of routine. Try to walk your dog at the same time as during weekdays. Likewise, feed or play with the dog at a similar time. Simply put, behave in such a way that the dog does not know that it is Christmas. If you are going to spend the holidays with your dog in a foreign environment, pack all his favorite toys in his bag with you, which will make him feel at home. You will certainly make him happy if you also move his beloved bed to a new environment.


Maybe you have a dog at home who is sociable and loves visitors, maybe you have a shy one who doesn't need a company of ten people to live. If the second option is more similar to your dog, then create for him a safe place where he can hide before a visit . Ideally, put his favorite toys, a bowl of water and a blanket or bed in his "nest". You will see that the dog will find its own refuge and wait there comfortably for all your Christmas visits. There's really no point in pushing your dog to play with your friends' kids or cuddle with your mother-in-law.


Raise your hand to anyone who can't hold back during the Christmas holidays and can arrange a baking pan of cookies and a bowl of potato salad on top! We're guessing most of us have a raised hand. While humans are responsible for their full stomachs, dogs don't have sense and can't say to themselves: "I'll eat the rest of the potato salad tomorrow!" Think about it and do not unnecessarily feed your dog food that it does not normally consume .


Even if you mean well, you'll be doing him a much bigger favor by giving him his favorite kibble, canned food, or barf treat. And if you really want to treat your dog to an unusual and Christmas delicacy, then give it to him bake special dog cookies , which we wrote about in the previous article .


The very climax of the holiday season is New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, the last day of the year is a sign of stress and nervousness for most dogs. It's no wonder, we often hear firecrackers and rattles already in the morning, and dogs who are not used to the unpleasant sound can feel fear and anxiety.

If it is at all possible, try to introduce the dog to the sounds of fireworks from a puppy age, ideally with the help of a video with fireworks. Lower the volume first, then increase the intensity. This method is called desensitization and it is definitely one of the most effective procedures. At the same time, it is good when during the day you will tire the dog sufficiently and prepare a safe environment for him in your home .

If you're expecting guests and preparing for a wild end to the old year, don't forget your dog. Warn guests to treat him with respect and try to be close to the dog at all times. This is the only way you can be sure that New Year's Eve will pass without much stress. You can find more tips on how to prepare your dog for the last day of the year in the article A peaceful New Year's Eve with a dog. How to prepare him for it?

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