How to safely and pleasantly cool a dog in hot weather?

How to make a dog's life more pleasant when it's warm outside? And what definitely not to do?


  • reduce the dog's activity, especially if it is already older or belongs to a brachycephalic breed

  • NEVER leave him alone in the car; also limit travel to the necessary minimum

  • provide the dog with a shady, quiet place

  • ensure its constant access to fresh water

  • don't let an overheated dog jump into ice water / don't cool an overheated dog under a cold shower, but with cold compresses


And what can increase a dog's well-being when the heat can no longer be endured?


Primarily cooling mat . American GreenPet mats from our e-shop, they work on the principle of a cooling effect, caused by the change of the gel state of its filling into a liquid. The change occurs due to the pressure of the pet's body on the surface, and the cooling effect lasts up to three hours. A pause of 15-20 minutes is enough for the pad to regenerate and restore its function, or it is possible to shorten this interval, for example by storing it in the refrigerator. A big advantage is that the pad does not have to be soaked and there is no danger of steaming the fur or the spread of bacteria and yeast in the gel core.
If your dog is suspicious of the mat, placing it next to a bowl of water and placing a thin old t-shirt on it will help him overcome his distrust of the synthetic surface. You will soon see how great it is and it will be his favorite place at home and on car trips.

When it's hot outside, you definitely like to have an ice cream. But how can you treat your pet to a similarly pleasant cooling refreshment and at the same time comply with its diet? Experts and dog lovers from a German company came up with it QChef's . The perfect dog ice cream has a shape of Qchefs dental treat , which you serve to your dog straight from the freezer. First, it will be a great cooling toy for him, and later a treat that will also take care of the condition of his teeth and oral cavity.


Walks and outings will be more pleasant for the dog with our coat Hilo harness from 3D mesh. If you wet it before a walk, it will make it easier for the dog to transition to a hot outdoor environment and, thanks to the breathability of the mesh and the associated evaporation of water, it creates a short-term cooling effect. Hilo will be especially appreciated by pugs, bulldogs, griffons and other members of the short-nosed club, but it suits all dogs equally.

Be sure not to go on a long walk without water and a travel bowl. Dehydration and overheating are just as dangerous to dogs as they are to humans (if not more so). The travel bowl doesn't have to be big at all, like ours folding silicone bowl Sheet it is only less than two centimeters thick when folded and can hold up to 750 milliliters. You can store it in any bag or backpack or you can attach it to your belt with the help of a carabiner.
It is a two-in-one solution bottle with bowl List . And don't let the size of the bottle in the picture fool you - it's included in the package more or less for demonstration purposes. You can screw the lid with the bowl onto the PET bottle with standard cap of any volume .



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