Advice and tips on how we should strengthen our immunity are coming at us from all sides. In this regard, we should not forget our four-legged friends, who also need strong defenses in the autumn and winter. How can we help them?


One of the basic pillars is movement. This is because it promotes proper blood flow, supports the function of the lungs, heart and other organs. Take the dog out as much as possible . Go jogging with him, take him on visits to friends, on trips to nature and even to a special dog playground, where he can meet other furries.

This is also important for strong immunity. In various places, the dog encounters microorganisms that do not occur at home and develops a certain defense against them, which will help him in his future life.

You can also visit lessons on the training ground . They are not just there to teach the dog obedience. Nowadays, there are many activities that you can do together just for fun. At the same time, the dog will enjoy a regular dose of exercise and will be in good condition.


17_2_wrapped.png Outdoor activities during this period are associated with risk a cold . If you are going for a longer walk and it is already cold outside or there is a threat of rain, you should consider getting one quality dog ​​clothes . Preferably made of waterproof material. Especially if you are the owner of smaller breeds or senior dogs who don't run much anymore and thus can't warm up enough. We wrote about practical dog clothes in the article here .


Don't underestimate either quality food for your dog . This is another of the factors that most affect the state of immunity. Many problems with the immune system stem from the wrong bowel function . Antibodies called immunoglobulins are made in the intestines and many types of health-promoting organisms are found there. If their balance is disturbed, e.g. by poor-quality food, the dog is much more susceptible to various diseases.


Stress not only threatens people, but is also a great enemy of animals. As in humans, it can strongly weaken the immunity of dogs, which are then much more susceptible to various diseases. However, unlike people, your four-legged friend will not tell you what he is experiencing right now and that certain situations are stressful for him.

That's why we should always be on the lookout and detect the indicators that tell the dog that something is wrong. It can be shaking, howling, defecating at home, rapid breathing, hiding, destroying things in the apartment, etc. Each dog is a personality, and therefore something different can stress everyone. But if we give him a loving home, stress should have no place in his life.


17_1_autumn.png We should have the basic pillars of healthy immunity. Where we can no longer help the dog, the doctor must. By vaccinating dogs, we protect them from many diseases that lie in wait for them outside. It is not pleasant for any owner to see sad dog eyes at the vet, but it is important to undergo basic vaccinations. In autumn, for example, distemper occurs, which can make life very unpleasant for dogs. Even today there is a vaccination against it.


The power of nature can also help support immunity. You may have heard of freshwater algae spirulina and its positive effect on human health. The world is amazed, it helps dogs too. It not only suppresses bad breath and suppresses gas, but also inhibits viruses and strengthens the organs that dogs need for a healthy and well-functioning immune system.

It also has miraculous effects oyster mushroom . It has a positive effect on strengthening the immune system. Mushrooms can be applied to animals, for example, in the form of syrup or tablets. It is also suitable after repeated infectious diseases, but it can also support the healing of wounds. It is priceless in times of increased mental or physical stress. Echinacea, evening primrose and salmon oil , milk thistle, linseed, etc.

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