More and more people are trying to live environmentally friendly and are slowly but surely taking steps towards sustainability. We know to carry our own water bottle to avoid plastic, we replace plastic bottles and plastic bags with our own canvas bags and we are no strangers to the concept of a non-toxic household. But have you ever thought about what kind of footprint pet care leaves on nature and what can be done to reduce it as much as possible? Let's summarize some simple steps you can take to help the environment.



Did you know that today you can also buy granules without packaging? This means that in some breeding supplies, they will sell you feed by weight in your own container. At first glance, a great solution, but if you do not have information about how long the large bag of granules was opened, stored and whether it was not contaminated, it is not so advantageous. That's why it's ideal to buy them feeding in the largest possible package and store it at home in suitable conditions . By storing it correctly, you can significantly extend the life of the feed.

What about empty cans? Surely you have already met somewhere in your area with gray metal waste bins . Since cans are almost 100 percent recyclable, they all belong here. However, their re-production is not exactly ecological, so the less waste, the better still applies.

You can also take a step towards sustainability when choosing treats. The most ecological option is to make goodies for pets at home from raw materials from packaging-free stores. But most of us don't have enough time for that, so the golden middle ground is a combination of homemade treats and treats from brands that make them from sustainable sources.


We believe that this article is read by responsible owners who always clean up after their dog outside. Therefore, you know for sure that there are more variants bags for dog excrement . The most environmentally friendly are freely available paper bags, which you can find at trash cans in the city. Unfortunately, anyone who has ever used them knows that they are the bane of all dog owners. Handling them is not easy, so for practical reasons we prefer to use plastic bags. Fortunately, nowadays we can buy them bags made of bioplastic, which are easier to decompose . Another option is to use bags that you have already used once - for example, you brought baked goods or fruit from the store in them.



Manufacturers of pet supplies are already thinking about sustainability toys and they make them from refined recycled materials. You can also use objects that have lost their original purpose at home as toys. Old stuffed animals from children, socks with holes or tennis balls. That way, you won't have to buy new toys and burden the planet with another thing that will have to be dealt with when it reaches maturity.

Do you have any eco tips of your own for dogs?

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