Interesting facts from the canine world

Did you know that even dogs have their "fingerprints"? Do you know where they have sweat glands and are they really color blind? And which dogs are the best swimmers? There are so many interesting things in the realm of dogs, let's introduce some of them.

We can easily identify a person by fingerprints. There are no two people in the world who have them the same. But what identification marks do dogs have? Our four-legged friends have a snout that is so unique that it can be used for identification just like fingerprints. No two dogs in the world have the same snout.

And what about color blindness in dogs? This is also one of the myths. Dogs are not actually color blind, they just see colors less clearly.

Even dogs sweat

Did you think a dog doesn't sweat, it just cools off by sticking out its tongue? Well, that's only partially true, dogs have sweat glands, between the pads on their paws.

What about dogs and swimming? For example, a Newfoundland dog like this is an excellent swimmer, thanks to its webs. On the other hand, a basset hound or an English bulldog won't do much for a bath. There are only a few exceptions that have been able to cope with short legs in relation to a long body.

Most dogs stick their head out of the window when traveling by car . This is not because they are looking around, because they are absorbing the smells of the landscape in which they are at the moment with their sensitive nose. In any case, it is safer not to allow them to do this activity - can you imagine what the impact of a fly will do to the eye when you are driving 90 km/h?

Faithful to the grave

Dogs are really loyal companions. Both in relation to a person and to each other. In 2012 in California, one of the dog couple was run over by a car on the road. The female, who belonged to the dog, lay down next to her canine companion and watched over him, even as cars whizzed by.


Such a master, such a dog

Dogs are really interesting creatures that will probably never stop surprising us. Remember to treat your four-legged friends the way you want them to treat you. It is not for nothing that they say that like a master, like a dog.


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