You are out shopping and carefully and lovingly choose a treat for your dog as compensation for leaving him home alone. You come home and give the furry a gift, expecting him to peel the treat like a raspberry, and instead he grabs it and runs off to bury it. Does this situation sound familiar? Are you also wondering why your dog likes to bury food? There are several reasons. Let's get to the bottom of them.


The tendency to bury food can often be traced back to canine ancestry. When they managed to catch something to eat, they buried their prey and hid it so-called for worse times. Nowadays, pets are often given food on a golden platter (sometimes literally) and there is no danger of someone eating it, yet natural instinct often wins and they hide their food.


Food burying occurs most often in races that have preserved theirs hunting instincts and they were bred to hunt small game . So if you own terriers or hounds - such as dachshunds, beagles and basset hounds, it's likely that hiding food is the order of the day.


For many dogs, constant digging has an effect therapeutically . So if they are dealing with stress or anxiety, they may be eating they calm down . This behavior can be common even if you own multiple dogs. Naturally, pets hide their favorite treat from others. Unfortunately, she doesn't know where they buried her many times, so they don't eat her either. It's strikingly reminiscent of hiding chocolate from your significant other or children, isn't it?


The explanation can be as simple as this. Some dogs out of boredom, they destroy everything they can think of, others bury and hide food or toys . It can be too a tool to get your attention or a form of entertainment .


It is also possible that you give the dog too much food at once . That's why he saves the rest for later. Try a daily dose of food divide into smaller portions . If the dog rather buries toys, limit the number of toys he has access to and rotate them weekly . When you pull them out again, the dog will be happy as if the toys were brand new.

It can be difficult to unlearn burying a dog. It's his a natural need that needs to be satisfied . But you can regulate what and where burying Come up with different games where he can bury toys or treats, either at home or outside.

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