Let me sniff!

The dog's muzzle has real superpowers. A dog's sense of smell is ten to a hundred thousand times stronger than a human's and can find an imaginary needle in a haystack. In addition, however, the sniffer also manages to take care of the dog's physical and mental well-being, and sniffing can pleasantly calm the dog. And therefore up to the nearest lawn!


Dog owners often make one important mistake when walking: they assume that the best way to tighten up their companion is by walking fast or throwing a ball. However, the reality is a bit slower. In many cases, it is sufficient to simply leave the dog alone sniff thoroughly .


The dog does something very useful for himself by sniffing. Through his snout he explores his surroundings, analyzes interesting information and trains his instinctive behavior . In addition, sniffing requires energy expenditure, so your furry friend will be just as tired from a well-sniffed walk as from running after a ball. In addition, throwing a tennis shoe has a big disadvantage compared to a nose buried in the grass - it increases adrenaline and an inappropriate ball destroys tooth enamel.


Sniffing is a natural behavior for a dog and it can make a canine individual quickly calm down and relax . Note that after a more challenging situation, the dog will often automatically stick its nose to something fragrant. This is how he calms down. You can use this not only on walks, but also at home. 


You can buy or make one for your dog a special sniffing blanket with folds or pockets in which to hide good treats . You can also use a plain old blanket, in which you will lose a few rewards. The dog then entertains himself by looking for treats. You can also place treats in a shaggy carpet or among dog toys.

Among other things, an interesting dog sport called nose work counts on a dog's desire to sniff out the impossible. In it, dogs look for a special pattern on the street or in the forest, which they then have to mark in the correct way. However, you can play a simpler version, for example, with a fragrant treat at home.

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