New Year's resolution for all dog lovers

It is no longer the case that New Year's resolutions are only about diets and new hobbies. On the contrary, it is high time to include four-legged pets in your resolutions. That's why we bring you inspiration for a few resolutions, thanks to which your year 2022 will be marked by happy barking and canine antics.

The new year also brings with it balancing. Even though most of us only want the best for our dogs, there have certainly been times in the past year when we weren't exemplary dog ​​owners. Maybe we overlooked our four-legged friend in the evenings, maybe we shortened the walk from time to time or didn't see much of the other dog walkers. And so we believe that each of us will come up with at least one New Year's resolution that will concern a dog.

If you don't know where to start, we've got you covered inspiration for a few general New Year's resolutions that are ideal for all dog owners.



Did someone say vacations are only for humans? We don't think so! Not only in our country, you will find countless hotels and guesthouses that are so-called dog friendly. So there's nothing left but to pack a backpack for the dog and go on a non-traditional vacation that you will enjoy together . A trip to the mountains or nature is not a step aside, but you can also head out into the whirlwind of the big city with your dog. In this regard, it depends mainly on the breed and the nature of your dog lover.


We all want our dog to remain vital and sharp even in old age. That is also why it is good to get a four-legged pet dog puzzle or a puzzle . Most of the time, the puzzle works by placing a treat in it, and then the dog searches for it. If you don't want to buy a dog puzzle, there's nothing stopping you from making one from things you already have at home.

You create one of the most popular puzzles by you place treats in a regular blanket, and then roll up the blanket . A smart dog will surely discover that he will only get the treats when he unrolls the blanket.


Did you write in your New Year's resolution that you want to learn a new foreign language? Try ditching Spanish, French, or Chinese this time and instead learn a language that you will actually communicate with on a daily basis. Yes, we mean dog talk! And the good news is that this "language course" is free and your teacher will be none other than your pet . And if you need a textbook at hand, then we recommend that you look in the bookstore. For example, a book with the title is a great helper How to understand dog talk or Human-Dog Conversation - How to Create Communication Signals to Make Life Easier .



One of the most important tasks of any dog ​​owner is to ensure the safety of his canine friend. But it's not just about feeding the dog regularly, embracing it with love and always protecting it. We should not forget the safety of the environment in which the dog lives. Try to wash regularly in the new year dog Bed or a blanket. The same goes for dogs regularly wash dishes and wash favorite toys . It also doesn't hurt to do an "audit" of the toys and throw away any potentially dangerous pieces.


Try in the new year think about the dogs who don't have so much luck and love in their lives . You can help these dogs in several ways. Some shelters offer the option of walking, so you can go for a few-hour walk with the dog in question. You can also help by buying dogs from the shelter granules, preserves or treats . In this regard, it pays to contact your chosen shelter and ask what treats they are currently short of.

You can buy again at our e-shop a charity voucher for DOGPOINT , through which you support the building of new kennels. There are countless ways to support dogs in the new year, so it only depends on you which option is closest to your heart.

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