Do you marvel at all the capable dogs who obediently run to their master when called and wag their tail enthusiastically? If you fall into the delusion that "only you" have a four-legged pet that ignores the summons with a calm face, we have good news for you. Although summoning is one of the most difficult commands, it is definitely true that with a little effort and regular exercise, your dog will become an obedient partner who will run to every summon.

A "beginner" dog parent sometimes neglects the call command and prefers to teach the puppy the obligatory "sit" or "fetch". If you recognize yourself in this description, try to get the summoning command into your "school" curriculum as soon as possible. As soon as the dog will teach run to every call, you can start training together to walk without a leash , and above all you will get the certainty that you can rely on your canine friend really rely on . There are countless ways to learn a summon. Someone teaches summoning with the help of a clicker , others train, for example, in a dog nursery in the presence of other dogs. But we will share with you a "guide" that is very simple and based on a positive method of dog training.


While you call your dog "to the leg", the partner chooses the word "to me" and your children call him by name. It is not surprising that the dog subsequently has a stew in his commands and does not understand what you really want from him. So, first of all call a family meeting and set only one command name that you will all use when you want to summon the dog. You may be surprised that the easiest way is to call the dog by name. If you also spice up your intonation and slightly hiss when you call, then you've almost won. You can save the command "to me" for the moment when you want the dog to run and sit in front of you. On the other hand, the command "to the leg" is used when the dog is supposed to run and sit at your leg.



While in human language training is synonymous with hard work, in canine translation training means above all entertainment supplemented by a gastronomic experience . What to take away from this? As soon as the dog runs to you after being called, immediately reward him with his favorite treat. It doesn't matter if it's dog biscuits, sliced ​​ham or good quality treats . The only important thing is that the dog associates the call with a positive (and especially tasty!) reward. It must be added, however, that there are dogs who appreciate much more when they get a treat instead a toy . It is therefore worthwhile to perceive your dog and please him with a reward that will put a smile on his face. It is also important that you reward the dog for running not only when you call him, but also when he runs on his own.


As already mentioned, summoning is one of the more demanding commands that many owners struggle with for months. That is also why it is good if you "consolidate" the command with summoning games. One of the most popular Summoning games are run around . How does it work? Call your dog, and as soon as he starts running in your direction, run back a few meters and then reward him with a treat. A very simple game that will entertain not only your dog but also you. You can do the same with your dog play hide and seek . Leave your dog - hide behind a corner, behind a door or behind a tree, and then call to him. When he finds you, don't forget to reward him appropriately.

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