Tropical temperatures should not be underestimated, and this applies not only to people, but especially to dogs. Year after year, veterinarians encounter canine patients who have overheated in the sun or are suffering from heat stroke. At the same time, there are several options thanks to which you can protect your dog from the sun's rays and thus prevent unpleasant health problems. Do not forget that heatstroke is dangerous for dogs and can cause a total collapse of the organism.


Do you enjoy a long morning walk with your dog? Do you have a habit of having your dog accompany you on every Saturday outing? And is it completely automatic that he is one of the passengers in your car? Try to think about your daily routine and adapt it to the current temperature conditions. Nothing prevents you from planning your walk for early morning or later in the evening. Likewise, it will not be out of place if you go on a trip alone during tropical days and leave the dog at home. Also choose carefully where you will walk your dog. Instead of a hot asphalt pavement, prefer grass and parks that offer plenty of natural shade.


Sufficient fluid intake is important in the summer months not only for humans, but also for your four-legged friend. If you want, you can give your dog chilled water to refresh and cool him down. Don't forget water even when traveling. They are a practical aid travel bowls that you can fill anytime and anywhere not only with water, but also with granules. The fit will surely come as well silicone bowl for pet bottle . Thanks to its consistency, it is great for trips, but also for walking around the city or in nature.


Furry beds, which protect the dog from the cold floor, are not allowed during the winter months. But the truth remains that in the summer they are not the most suitable place for a dog to rest and sleep. You better look after cooling pads that contain cooling gel. As soon as the dog lies down on the mat, the cooling gel starts to do its job and slowly cools the dog down. The cooling pad is also ideal for summer travel with a dog and you can place it in the car box without any problems.


And speaking of cooling items, we must not forget about cooling toys ! This literally cool entertainment refreshes the dog, and at the same time is great fun. And how do cooling toys work? In most cases, it is enough to fill them with water, and then put them in the freezer for less than half an hour. After that, the dog can happily enjoy biting and licking the toy, which oozes a cooling liquid in small drops. An ice cube will also provide him with a similar service. If you don't mind your floor becoming a place to play with ice, then take one cube out of the freezer for your dog and let him chase it around the floor and lick it to his heart's content.


If you have a four-legged water lover at home, then in the summer months you can enjoy swimming together in a nearby lake or pond. Just make sure the water is suitable for swimming. In recent years, special dog pools have also become popular, which work on a similar principle to children's pools. The only difference is that the pool is made of durable plastic, so you don't have to worry about getting bitten. You can also cool your dog in the summer months with the help of a splash pool, which resembles a small fountain. Ideally, however, it is much better for dogs to spend tropical days at home than in the garden or outdoors.

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