Do you have a dog at home who deserves a special birthday party? We believe you are nodding your head in agreement. So there is nothing left but to prepare an unforgettable birthday party for the canine birthday party, which other dogs will be "barking" about for a long time.

Birthday celebrations. Uselessness for some, time spent pleasantly with loved ones for others. While people have mixed opinions about the festivities, we're guessing dogs love them. No wonder, when else, with the owner's permission, can they treat themselves to a dog cake, open beautiful presents and be the center of attention? If you have a canine birthday party at home, prepare a beautiful afternoon for him, which not only he, but also your whole family will enjoy. And what should not be forgotten when organizing a dog birthday party?



The alpha and omega of a dog's birthday party is the cake! Don't worry, we definitely don't want you ordering your dog a chocolate "Parisian" or baking a two-tiered birthday cake for hours. It will be more than enough if you search a recipe for a dog cake , which mostly consists of basic ingredients. One of the simplest dog cakes is made only of whipped cottage cheese with yolk and dog biscuits. Afterwards, just store the cake in a small cake tin and decorate it with fruit that your dog likes. Voilà, the birthday dog ​​cake is born!

At the same time, you can currently find many dog ​​bakers who will make you a cake to order and according to your dog's taste buds. In this case, however, expect that the dog cake will become more expensive.


Do you also feel like you are giving your dog gifts all year round? Here you buy a pack of granules, here new kshiras or winter clothes. But the truth remains that dogs will not appreciate these practical gifts that much. And we're not surprised. So try to surprise the four-legged birthday boy with something that the dog's soul craves . It doesn't matter if you get him a classic ball, cooling toy or barbell for treats , in all cases we guarantee that the birthday boy will be jumping for joy. By the way, the dogs whisper that it is one of the most beautiful toys ECO Florence (you're welcome).


On the other hand, you don't have to stop at just toys. If you have a grateful boarder at home, then prepare him a birthday box full of delicious treats that he never dreamed of. Dried beef cubes , turkey necks , dried pheasant meat or dental sticks – that's the basic list of treats you can't go wrong with. And if we had to pick one toy that doubles as a chewy treat, we'd no doubt point to moose or deer antlers !


A perfect birthday party also includes an unconventional program. Even in this case, it depends entirely on the nature of your dog. If he is an athlete in body and soul, go on a trip together or try it out canicross . Likewise, there is nothing to prevent you from inviting other canine friends that you see regularly to an imaginary birthday party. Believe that the dogs will invent their own entertainment with the snap of a finger and forget about your presence. Last but not least, you can treat your birthday boy to first-class pampering in the form of a visit to the dog spa. For example, go to We love dogs Spa , a self-wash spa where you can thoroughly bathe and blow dry your dog. You will have at hand fragrant ARAVA cosmetics , which are rich in minerals and herbs, and other essentials such as towels or combs.

Don't forget that hosting a dog party is first and foremost fun with no rules. The only important thing is that you remember the dog and his birthday and express your love to him in a different way than usual.

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