Sit, lie down, at your feet or bring! These are the basic commands that we teach our dog from puppyhood. But it seems that we should expand the vocabulary of commands by one more word - rest!

Whether you've only had a dog for a few weeks or you're a seasoned owner, you'll surely confirm that dogs are active creatures that can carry a ball for you for hours. Some dog breeds in particular are almost unstoppable. But the fact that dogs do not rest during the day certainly does not mean that they do not feel tired . On the contrary, in this respect dogs are very similar to children who have extended their rest time. At first glance, the dog may look fresh, but in reality it is struggling with fatigue, or it is irritable and grumpy. So, first of all, owners should keep in mind that an adult dog should sleep approximately 15 to 18 hours a day . If your dog barely sleeps half, then it's high time to add to the list of commands - rest!



Even before you start teaching your dog this new command, prepare a relaxation zone for him. Remember that the dog should rest in a quiet place where no one will disturb him. It is an ideal choice not only bed in a quiet part of the apartment or house, but also a cage filled with a blanket . You don't have to cage your dog if you don't want to. It will be enough if you show him that the cage is a safe and comfortable place that he can leave at any time. In this respect, of course, it depends on the owner and the rules he creates for his dog. Once you have a place to rest ready, there is nothing left to do but jump into training the command - rest!


Many owners know that order and routine are important for dogs. Although the dog does not have a watch on its paw, according to which it would check second by second from the daily mode. Nevertheless, he likes when the household runs according to the rules set by the master. In practice, this means that, for example, you can establish that after feeding comes time to rest . After that, it is enough to say "rest" and send the dog to the place intended for relaxation.


It will take a while for the dog to learn the command, but soon the desired reward will arrive in the form of a resting dog. Of course, as said before, every household has its own rules. So nothing prevents you from commanding rest they uttered, for example, only after a long afternoon walk. Everything depends only on you and the nature of your four-legged friend.

If you notice that the dog ignores your command, and instead of resting, he keeps throwing a toy at your leg, then ignore him in return. It is really important for dogs to understand that the content of the day is determined by the owner . The moment you see that the dog has given up his efforts to play and has gone to the bed or cage, praise him! Alternatively, you can support the praise with a favorite treat.

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